Uncle Stella checks in…

I spent the weekend hanging out with the ACN. And, as usual, we had a blast.

She was very excited when she arrived and was wearing her “Star of the Week” necklace from school. But, with such power also comes responsibility. As the star, she got to take the class stuffed animal, a leopard named “Spot,” home for the weekend.

Spot brought her journal with her. And at the end of the weekend, the ACN and I had to write her journal entry.

When they first arrived, the ACN was very excited about this idea. But, she soon realized that Spot might be getting a bit too much attention. She started shooting the leopard dirty looks.

Spot WAS allowed to sleep in her bed though. And, after a half hour of re-arranging, she even got a prime spot between E.T. and “Clifford The Watch Puppy.” She decided that since it was Spot’s first night, that she should be with a couple of veterans of ACN slumber parties.

On Saturday morning ACN even agreed to pose for a picture with Spot. The other kids all put pics of themselves with Spot in her journal.

But, then the ACN started losing interest in Spot.

Spot went for a drive to the store, but wasn’t allowed to go in.

Spot went to McDonald’s, but had to wait in the car.

The ACN was the star of the week, and didn’t need no furry spotted nuisance stealing any of her thunder.

Spot was ignored for the rest of the weekend.

I tried to include Spot in activities, but the ACN was having none of it.

Yesterday morning, the ACN and I worked on Spot’s journal. And, as can be expected, the ACN had some very strong feelings about my choice of words, phrases and stories.

She did, however, LOVE the story about Spot and the ACN sending me to time-out for being bad.

The ACN was very excited about getting to hear her teacher read that part in school today.

The ACN wanted me to write, “[The ACN] doesn’t like Spot and didn’t take very good care of her.”

The ACN howled with laughter at that. But, I eventually talked her out of including it.

At some point, she started thinking that maybe this journal entry was going to make her look bad, so when I was writing the part about Spot not going to McDonald’s, I asked the ACN if she wanted me to say that she brought Spot out a Chicken McNugget.

“Yeah!” She replied.

“But, you didn’t bring Spot a nugget.”

The ACN grinned.

“So, we are going to fib?”

“Yeeeeeah!” And then some hee hee hees.

Spot’s journal entry turned out pretty cute.


Saturday evening, the ACN didn’t like either of the two pairs of jammies I was offering.

“Pink with Minnie Mouse?”

She shook her head.

“Blue with Penguins?”


I offered each again.

Still no.

Then it hit me…

“Munchkin, how about the blue pants with the pink top?”

She just looked at me. I could tell that she was intrigued.

Then I said, “Hmmmm… Your Mommy would have a stroke.”

That tipped the scale.



At some point during the weekend, the ACN decided that my new name was “Uncle Stella.”

She also decided that it was the highest of high comedy when I’d bellow, “Steeeelllllllllllllllllllllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!”

Cracked her up. Every. Time.

She also decided that, for a while anyway, her name was going to be “Dora.”

I asked, “Is that because you are adorable?”

She smiled and gave me a sweet little, “Yeeeeeeaaaah.”

I wonder if I am still Uncle Stella.

It could be worse, she re-named her Mommy as “Farty Farty Stinky Butt.”


0 thoughts on “Uncle Stella checks in…

  1. I love that you’re easing her into anarchy and nonconformist thinking by encouraging mismatched pajamas. Well done.

  2. Geez, could your post today be any cuter? Huh Uncle Stella? (And farty farty stink butt sounds a mite disrespectful to me…)

  3. “Farty Farty Stinky Butt.” I love it!

    Now I can’t wait for my nephew to start talking so I can teach him all sorts of names to call my brother. Last time I saw my nephew, all he could say was “da da da da”. My brother was so proud. Just wait, it will soon be “Farty Farty Stinky Butt” or something like that. Ha ha ha!

  4. stefanie: I love that you’ve found a way to make my mad spoilings sound like they have a bigger purpose.

    eve: She’s a cutiepie… even though she loves to torture poor Uncle Stella.

    photogirl: Thanks! And thank YOU for visiting.

    amy: I think it’s pretty clear that I believe the children are the future. You know, I teach them well and let them lead the way.

    steph: To women of all ages. :P

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