Uncle Pete Has a Big Mouth

I finally got around to getting the pics off my camera. One reminded me of a little story from a couple of months (and teeth) ago.

One morning…

Unc: Tonight you are going to sleep in your own bed.

The ACN shakes her head “No.”

Unc: Unc’s bed?

The ACN shakes her head “No.”

Unc: With your mommy and daddy?

The ACN shakes her head “No.”

Unc: At [The Monkey’s] house?

The ACN shakes her head “No.”

Unc: In the back of the truck?

The ACN: Yeah.

Unc: No. You can’t sleep in the back of the truck.

The ACN: Yeah!

Unc: No!


Two minutes later…

0 thoughts on “Uncle Pete Has a Big Mouth

  1. awe. so did she really sleep out there? i’m thinking no… but man i probably could’ve convinced my parents otherwise. lol

  2. wendy: That is gonna take some arm twisting!

    miriam: I know, right?

    heather: I am shocked that I waited two minutes to do it.

    miss pickle: Thank. You.

    clink: Sooooo true. And she loves making me do silly things.

    camikaos: I have to fight it a little. You know, for my street cred.

    distracted spunk: VERY true. My family already uses it against me. “Peter, [The ACN] will be so sad if you don’t run these errands for me.”

    queenbee: Thanks! I try.

    slightly disorganized: Thanks! I appreciate the hearting.

    mindy: Good to have you back.

    ashley: She figured it out VERY early on.

    molly: I do that. I carry her around in a continuous hug as often as possible.

  3. “wouldn’t she be cold and may get sick?”… that was the only thing i could think of… ha ha, i guess i’m over the “cuteness” department.

    welcome back to the left pete! (finally today i see you on the left!)

  4. You buckle like a belt, Peter.
    But that is priceless. She is adorable!
    Oh – and I actually tagged you. Saying that makes me all embarassed. Tag!

  5. skinny: I had messed up the code a little bit, so it looked wacky in IE7 apparently. I’m good like that.

    tia: Don’t worry, my arguing does little to dissuade her.

    eve: She LOVED it. Stayed out there for a half an hour. Giggling.

    airam: What good do witty comments in your head do me, airam? Sheeesh.

    libby: Thanks! I wish I could say that is the wackiest thing she has charmed her way into.

    twobuyfour: Dude… It don’t get cuter.

    heather: Ha! I have learned (finally) not to offer things that I won’t follow-up on. Luckily (?) I’ll follow up on any number of silly things.

    cait: I hate to tell you, but we’re a package deal. And I am super hard to put up with.

    sybil: Eeep. Don’t be offended, but I am a sucky tagee. I almost never do them. I have no idea why…

    susie: Thanks! Was it all peaceful and quiet-like while you were commenting?

  6. Not that I was nearly as cute as ANC, but it has been said that I too was used against my uncle to make him run errands (of course, he shaved my head when I was 3–but he was trying to help).

    Oh, and you seem completely powerless before her strong arguments.

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