Uh oh…

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That’s me.

My name is Billy.

I am eight years old.

I am in my bedroom right now. I’m not sure if my Mommy is ever going to let me come out.

She is very mad.

She is madder than when she found my booger wall.

And madder than when she found me blowing up Daddy’s special slimy balloons.

She even took my X-box.

My mommy is mad at my daddy too. When he was leaving she called him a bunch of bad names. She used an f-word, a c-word, an s-word and a word I don’t even know how to spell. But, I think it is a bad one.

I am pretty used to getting into trouble. I pick on my little sister a lot. I told her that the tooth fairly had a younger brother who was bad and came around and stole teeth from children’s mouths. She had bad dreams for a month.

I get in trouble at school for not listening. And for drawing in my notebook when I’m “supposed to be paying attention like the other students.”

But, it’s boring! I know what twelve times twelve is already.

It’s one hundred and forty-four.

I draw horses. Wanna see one?

Oh, my mom took my notebooks too.

She’s pretty thor– throug– thoro– She thinks of everything.

I’ve been up here for an hour. I’m getting huuuuuungry. I have a box of Smarties under my mattress, but they are all melty and gross. I’ll probably make my sister eat them later.

Maybe if I stomp my feet on the floor, my mommy will come and let me out.

She really did seem very mad though.

What’s a divorce?

Who is John Wayne Bobbitt?

If they didn’t want me to play in the garage, then they should have locked the doors AND the windows.

Mommy said that I’ll be in REAL trouble when daddy gets home.

I don’t even know what a “meth lab” is… But, that policeman sure did.

I guess I’ll eat the melty Smarties.

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  1. Billy’s going to need a lot of therapy when he has the “slimy balloons”, “divorce”, “John Wayne Bobbitt”, and “meth lab” explained to him. Especially the first and third ones.

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