two cutiepies, one unc

I’m gonna mess with the chronology of this post a little. It’s going to be like a Tarantino film. Except, if it was a Tarantino film, it might involve Kirk Cameron’s comeback performance as a mob accountant with a guilty conscience.


The Monkey arrived at the door this morning. She was wearing pajama pants and a sweat shirt. No jacket. It was 0 degrees Canadian. (Like 32 of your dirty American degrees.)

She went straight to The ACN.

The Monkey: Snowflake, do you like my nails? Aren’t they pretty?

The ACN shook her head “No.”


Yesterday afternoon, The Monkey was cuddling with my mom on a couch, under a blanket. The Monkey sneakily stole the remote and changed the channel to “The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.”

Peter’s Mom: I am not watching that crap.

The Monkey: Oh no you di’int!!!


This morning, The Monkey was trying to teach The ACN how to say “Garcon!” whenever she wanted me to get her something to eat.


This morning, The Monkey turned to The ACN and asked, “Is Uncle Pete a poopface?”

I had my back to them, as I was making them some toast.

The Monkey said, “She said ‘Yes!!'”

I turned and The ACN was smiling. So, I walked over and put my nose to her nose and said, “Did you say Unc was a poopface?”

She shook her head “No.”

I went back to toast prep.

The monkey asked her again. Again I didn’t hear a reply. Again The Monkey yelled, “She said ‘yes!!'”

I turned around and The ACN denied it. Though while smiling.

This went on for another few minutes.

Then The Monkey asked The ACN, “Are you afraid of Unc?”

The ACN, said “Yeeeah.”

The Monkey laughed and said, “He’s all talk, no action.”

The ACN giggled.

The Monkey asked again, “Is Unc a poopface?”

The ACN yelled “YEAH!!!!!”

Hours later, I decided to check if I was, in fact, still a poopface.

Unc: Hasn’t Unc been very good to you all day?

ACN: Yeah.

Unc: Hasn’t Unc been feeding you all day?

ACN: Yeah.

Unc: So, is Unc realllly still a poopface?


Yesterday afternoon the two goofs made cookies:

6 thoughts on “two cutiepies, one unc

  1. First … 0 degrees Canadian made me snort out my Tim Horton’s coffee.

    Second … I am officially going to declare my love of ACN and The Monkey. They are so cute together!

    Also, you are a good Unc who is sometimes a poopface … especially when you beat me at Scrabulous.

  2. you are one fabulous uncle, peter. adorable pictures.

    and i always liked the canadian way of displaying the temperature. 0 degrees just SOUNDS as cold as it really is!

  3. You sound like the coolest Uncle on the planet. Will you adopt me? You could add a 30-something American niece to your family, can’t you? :-)

  4. airam: Did you just call me a poopface? Oh, it’s on in Scrabulous now.

    michelle: Thanks! And, I agree. Zero just sounds cold.

    mindy: Thanks! Hey, wait a second…

    jamelah: Oh, it’s coming.

    heather: American? Hmmm. I don’t know about that…

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