trust me

you wonder
i mean
what choice
is there
you have to wonder
if she knows
if she gets
she is
and if she
does have
some inkling
you wonder too
if she knows
if she really gets
she is going to be
and going to do
and going to mean
to so many
you see through
the practiced ego
in a
takes one to know one
you’d peg it
at thirty percent
the rest is
scared little girl
you get that
a heart
that big
needs extra protection
and the world
seems designed
to dull a
it won’t
you know
you don’t think
you know
without a doubt
all she is capable of
irresistible forces
and all that
she is
to behold
to hold
for as long
as you can
even if it
makes you feel
a little
you wonder
in those pesky
quiet moments
you wonder
if you’ll be
in the middle
of it all
or watching from
the periphery
and then you suppose
the only difference
will be
the size
your smile

28 thoughts on “trust me

  1. Not sure if you’ve ever read Forksplit but she basically says that “it’s dangerous to trust untested people with your fragility, even if you want more than anything to be understood by someone, anyone. Because sometimes, that awful, hungry need to be understood is exploited.”

    • What’s a Forksplit?

      One of my favourite things about writing word doodles is when people seem to read things into them that are so far away from what was going on in my mind when I wrote them.

  2. i hate you again!!!

    I was only kidding u know… :) it’s just that everybody else is telling you they love you and your poetry and i bet you already know your effin awesome. You don’t need another die-hard fan telling you that…

  3. Okay, so Ben says you’re insanely awesome and it’s your birthday.

    Congratulations on the critically acclaimed awesomeness, and Happy Birthday. ^-^

    P.S. At first glance, your writing does indeed inspire awe. I’ll be blog stalking you now, so you know, to see just how awesome you really are. :P

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