I’m a little embarrassed
by how quickly I realized it,
while trying to pretend that I hadn’t.
At all.
It was a dynamic group
with dynamics
not yet discovered.
Old friends.
Both sexual
Sometimes simultaneous.
Desires ignored.
By them.
But I had to be me.
Don’t judge.
I made my move.
Listen, they knew as well as I did:
3 people, 8 slices of pizza.
Someone was going to get screwed.

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No Responses

  1. Maddy says:

    Some one get’s screwed, but two people take advantage… you learn fractions early with a bunch of siblings.
    Or you play: you cut or pour, I choose.
    aka: I don’t care if you spat on the big piece.

  2. sid says:

    LOL! You should come around to my house during the fast (Ramadaan) when they only give you four pieces of cake and there’s 5 ppl at the table. We watch each other like hawks.

  3. Colleen says:

    Awesome. I’ll let you eat the 8th slice.

  4. hahaha – you did the right thing.

  5. beatrix says:

    you could tear a piece in half. which is polite, but always ends up with the cheese falling off.

  6. AuburnKat says:

    You are too funny=)

  7. Kara says:

    I’m not shy! Screw the rest of you.

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