I’m Train’s Underrated Classic “Meet Virginia” and You’re Not


I’m Train’s underrated classic “Meet Virginia.”  And I’m PISSED.

Straight up.

I have a question that has plagued me lo these many years…

In what world is “Hey, Soul Sister” a more popular song than I am?!?

I was the first track on the first album. I started it all. I deserve some respect.

I’ve finally given girls named Virginia something to be proud of. The state has done little to help. And don’t even get me started on West Virginia.

I’m Meet Fucking Virginia. I’m mysterious. Who is Virginia? Why should you meet her? Does she have cookies?

I’m not sung by half-soused, underfed, overly-(badly)-sexed sorority girls.

As much.

I don’t want to start any rumors, but “Hey, Soul Sister” was co-written by Norwegians. Like from Norway. They wanted to call it “Hey, Søul Sister.”

You know, probably.

Listen, first I had to put up with that little Drops of Jupiter bitch and now this? I won’t stand for it. Now that she’s back in the atmosphere, with drops of Jupiter in her hair? Come on, man. I’m sure she’s had drops of worse in her hair.

Did you sail across the sun? It’s 9941 degrees, fucknuts!

So the next time you’re thumbing through your ipod, I hope you’ll overlook the more “popular” options and give me another listen.

I was #21 on U.S. Billboard Mainstream Rock Tracks, sucka.

Thaaaaat’s right.

Train’s underrated classic “Meet Virginia”

6 thoughts on “I’m Train’s Underrated Classic “Meet Virginia” and You’re Not

  1. I started to write a judgy bitch comment about how awful that song is but one of my all time favorite songs is C’est La Vie by B*Witched so I shall, basically, keep my mouth shut.

    And I know you just googled my song. You know you did.

  2. hmmm. weird. i also prefer “meet Virginia”. can’t understand how it never made it onto the radio in South Africa. also love Train’s “Mississippi”, “let it roll” and “hopeless”. gosh, it’s been a while since i listened to Train.

  3. read this post last week.
    i was 16 and had a shiny new driver’s license.
    that song was on repeat/repeat/repeat with my discman with tape adaptor.

    the kids i babysat requested the song about high heels (um, whoops).

    i’ve always held a candle for train.
    meet virginia has yet to be topped.
    it was my all time favorite song probably for a whole decade.

    now i can’t help but think of this post anytime train comes on the radio.
    preach it.

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