Top Ten TV Characters I Would Totally Date (If I Didn’t Have an Awesome Girlfriend, and If They Were Real and Junk)

Lorelei Gilmore – Gilmore Girls (Lauren Graham): I’m not sure what the manly version of a swoon is, but she makes me have them. Sure she talks a lot. So much so that I’d probably occasionally have to ask, “Can I interest you in six or seven packs of chewing gum?” But witty is one of my top three favorite kinds of banter. She’s smart and funny. She drives a jeep. And she seems very open-minded about dudes who eschew shaving and constantly rock baseball caps.

Andy McNally – Rookie Blue (Missy Peregrym): The other day I was walking through a room and Rookie Blue was on TV. Andy McNally was standing in a kitchen wearing… Well it was just delightful. Sadly Miss Peregrym and I have a real life friend in common, so she’s like… an actual person to me. Thanks for ruining my low-grade objectifying, real life friend!

Winnie Cooper – The Wonder Years (Danica McKellar): You know, assuming grown-up Winnie, or teen-aged me. The ultimate girl next door. And she always looked at least mildly displeased. I feel like dating me would be a very natural transition for her.

Donna Moss – The West Wing (Janel Moloney): “If you were in an accident, I wouldn’t stop for red lights.” Come on.

Amy Gardner – The West Wing (Mary Louise Parker): Very smart. Sexy. Maybe tooooo sexy. Every facial expression (and her voice) would always kind of seem like this woman was trying to seduce me. (Something I assume most of the time anyway.) She’d say, “Do the recycling.” I’d reply, “Oh. I’ll do the recycling.” It would go poorly.

Rachel Green – Friends (Jennifer Aniston): Pretty + a little spoiled = Kryptonite.

Pam Halpert – The Office (Jenna Fischer): She’s cute and nice. And she likes tall, sarcastic guys with questionable hair. I feel like I’d have a solid shot there.

Seven of Nine – Star Trek: Voyager (Jeri Ryan): Can you imagine if she had been on the (original) Enterprise? The things Kirk would have done to try to impress her and get in her spacepants. Drag-racing with Romulans. A pack of smokes shoved up the sleeve of his Starfleet uniform. A tattoo that says “Only Captains have a log.”

Janice – The Muppet Show: She looked worldly. Like she knew stuff. She went a little heavy on the eye make-up, for my liking, but cool guitar-playing chicks are all too rare.

Brooke Davis – One Tree Hill (Sophia Bush): Uhm. Is there any way I can come up with reasons here without admitting I’ve ever watched One Tree Hill?

Who are your TV crushes?

14 thoughts on “Top Ten TV Characters I Would Totally Date (If I Didn’t Have an Awesome Girlfriend, and If They Were Real and Junk)

  1. I wanted to say hi first off. I read your blog. I just am horrible at commenting (I shall try to be a better blogger in the future – I promise). I totally agree with your last choice! Hope you don’t mind – you have inspired me to do a similar post over on my blog.

    Happy blogging!

  2. First of all, I can’t believe you’d choose Janice over Piggy. I mean, come on! Who is more cute and spoiled than Miss Piggy?

    Second (of all?) Are there only two female muppets? Why can’t I think of any more female muppets???

  3. I’m with you on Donna, Amy, Lorelei, and Pam. I’d also thrown in Stars Hollow Rory and Sydney Bristow from Alias.

  4. gill grissom from the original csi. The male lead in law and order: criminal intent. i guess i have a thing for cops. or older men …

  5. Sooo, I haven’t even read the rest of the list, but the fact that Lorelai Gilmore is the first one filled me with joy beyond measure! She is everything I aspire to be and more. Guh. LOVE!

  6. Not too familiar with anyone from this list besides Rachel and Pam. Pam, very girl next door, Rachel, trying to be GND. I can’t remember the muppet’s clearly, and I don’t watch the other shows, but I agree with WW that Sydney Bristow should be throw in.

    I thought about my TV faux-boyfriends and just realized most of them are broken men, but have glimmers of something good, that could be seen… If they weren’t busy trying to push people away. I need therapy.

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