0 thoughts on “Thursday thoughtlets…

  1. What’s a golf clap?

    I agree about HPV. I think it’s because it’s a taboo subject, and having the vaccine is tantamount to admitting sluttiness or facilitating unprotected sex.

  2. A golf clap is a slow, sarcastic clap.

    For some reason I had the urge to demonstrate it. You can’t see me through my computer monitor, can you?

  3. IF she wouldn’t sign off on “Jack Bauer DeWolf” you should dump that bitch in a heartbeat.

    My firstborns first name WILL be Peyton (boy or girl)…

  4. danielle: Oh, I like Ellen too. She’s just not my crush… right now.

    eve: I totally try to demonstrate things visually on the phone as well. And then I am silly enough to admit that I am doing it.

    stormin’: Peyton. That’s BRILLIANT.

    pinknest: It’s delightful, eh? I actually saw her in an interview (and a shampoo commercial, maybe?) before ever seeing her act, so I loved it right away. I didn’t watch any of her season of “The West Wing” (season 2) but I am catching up right now.

  5. I reckon I’m at least as attractive as Seth Rogan, so if I was able to somehow have a one night stand with Katherine Heigl (highly unlikely), I’d probably be trying to get her pregnant……in order to secure future contact.

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