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  1. Eve says:

    What’s a golf clap?

    I agree about HPV. I think it’s because it’s a taboo subject, and having the vaccine is tantamount to admitting sluttiness or facilitating unprotected sex.

  2. Peter says:

    A golf clap is a slow, sarcastic clap.

    For some reason I had the urge to demonstrate it. You can’t see me through my computer monitor, can you?

  3. Smelly Danielly says:

    i love ellen

  4. Eve says:

    No, but I definitely imagined it. hahahaha

  5. The Stormin Mormon says:

    IF she wouldn’t sign off on “Jack Bauer DeWolf” you should dump that bitch in a heartbeat.

    My firstborns first name WILL be Peyton (boy or girl)…

  6. pinknest says:

    i didn’t know emily proctor’s southern accent was even more southern when she’s not in character!

  7. Peter says:

    danielle: Oh, I like Ellen too. She’s just not my crush… right now.

    eve: I totally try to demonstrate things visually on the phone as well. And then I am silly enough to admit that I am doing it.

    stormin’: Peyton. That’s BRILLIANT.

    pinknest: It’s delightful, eh? I actually saw her in an interview (and a shampoo commercial, maybe?) before ever seeing her act, so I loved it right away. I didn’t watch any of her season of “The West Wing” (season 2) but I am catching up right now.

  8. Dave says:

    I reckon I’m at least as attractive as Seth Rogan, so if I was able to somehow have a one night stand with Katherine Heigl (highly unlikely), I’d probably be trying to get her pregnant……in order to secure future contact.

  9. Dayngr says:

    Did you know Emily is one hell of a poker player too? Doesn’t that really make you swoon?

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