Three goofs…

This photo was taken, like, two minutes after The Monkey and I finished brawling.

It all began when she took the remote control out of my hand.


Peter: Gimme that!

Monkey: I want to see what’s on.

Peter: I am watching football.

Monkey: I just want to check.

Peter: I don’t care if you find a show starring you. You’re not watching it. Give me the remote.

Monkey: No!

I decided that I was taking the remote back. And, I’m not gonna lie to you, it took more effort than it should have. She’s a scrappy little shit.

But, I wrestled it away from her, and got back into a comfy seat.

I should have known that wouldn’t have been the end of it.

I should have known.

She flew across the couch and was grabbing for the remote. I held it away and told her to get lost.

Then she realized that bugging me was more fun than the remote itself. So she started hitting me. Pinching me.

I threatened to kick her in the ass.

“Ooooooooh, Peter. I am sooooo scaaaaaared.”

At one point I was holding her two wrists in my hand.

She growled, “Let… me… GO.”

I said, “Truce?”

“Let.. me.. GO!!!”

I let her go and went back to my comfy seat.

The ACN howled with laughter, wearing her Tinker Bell jammies, and sitting in Chairy nearby.

And then The Monkey remembered that I am not big on people invading my personal space. So, she skooched up right against me.

“Hiii Peter. I looooooooooooooooove you.” And tried to kiss my cheek.

“Get off me, you little loon” I replied as I moved her down the couch away from me.

I tried to draw a “border” down the centre of the couch. She just looked at me. The ACN giggled some more.

I went back to my side. And she jumped up against me again.

I tossed her back down the couch.

I should mention that The Monkey has an uncle too. He is my size, but meaner than me. And they actually fight. He hits her back. She LOVES it. But, it means that she is not at all intimidated by me.

I picked her up and put her back on her side of the couch. Seconds later, she was back.

Finally I gave up.

She put her legs over my legs, put her head on my shoulder and giggled.

I got to watch the end of the Packers game though.

Two minutes after this picture was taken, The ACN joined us on the couch. Her head on The Monkey’s Shoulder. The Monkey’s head on mine. All three of us sat on the same side of the border!!

But, it was pretty cute.

0 thoughts on “Three goofs…

  1. That is adorable!

    What a fun weekend with the ladies!

    Peter DeWolf, everyone– he just can’t keep the girls off of him! ;)

  2. jenbun: As always, they were fun and entertaining.

    lspoon: Maybe the fact that I will fight with small children plays a role? :)

  3. How old is the monkey? Because you’ve described my 11 year old sister’s behaviour so closely that I’m going to have to start glancing out the window every time she and I are sitting in the same room.

  4. Just curious… do you wear that shirt and hat all the time? It’s the same ensemble as in your profile picture…

    just an observation…

  5. ashley: It was a remote. A REMOTE.

    michelle: Why, thank you!

    lisa: The Monkey is ten.

    katie: I know, right? I laughed when I noticed that. I do wear the hat a lot, but the shirt not so much. Just a coincidence.

  6. Bah! The Packers game was awful! I couldnt even bring myself to finish watching the game. The worst part is I cant even bring myself to hate Brett Favre…I just respect the man too damn much. Sorry for turning this into a football only comment.

  7. As a semi-new semi-lurker, I must say it seems you’re very fond of that hat.

    ANC and The Monkey stories are wonderful. I remember inflicting such affection on my favorite uncle when he tried to watch soccer. Good times.

  8. You should have sat on her for a while! That always works in keeping my brother on HIS side of the couch!

    But I see as far as getting the affection of mr DeWolf is concerned many a lady have very fierce competition don’t they! expecially if the live hundreds of miles away!

  9. The remote is important. Sometimes if I know I’m going to fall asleep on the couch, I will hide the remote under a cushion before I do so. Because I’m like that.

    No, seriously.

    Also, this is pretty funny. I think The Monkey and The ACN have some pretty cool socks, too. It seemed like a thing to mention.

  10. I would fight for the remote too… When I was younger, my 80 year old grandma used to ask to “see” the remote to find out what she was missing.

    Thanks for the guilt trip g-ma.

  11. Oh my, there are a lot of women reading this blog. I just wandered onto your blog today, but I’ll refer back to lspoon’s comment.

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