thoughts —> action

Remember last week when I was complaining about how blogging has changed?

Well I decided that I didn’t want to be the type of person who just complained without taking some kind of action.

I had the faintest inkling of an idea.

“A blog where a different blogger posts each day of the month”

I said it outloud. Ashley said she liked the idea.

That’s all the push I needed.

I started emailing.

First to people I know best. People who I felt I might be able to charm.

I pitched it as a blog that is just about writing. No SEO. No Google Page Rankings. Writing for the sake of writing. Like the old days.

People dug the idea.

They said yes. They gave recommendations for more people to recruit.

And it grew.


So I set an impossibly early launch date. I’m fun like that.

And here we are!

Yes it’s a ridiculous name.

Jenn created the header on her iPad and it is cute and silly.

And perfect.

We hope you’ll come check it out.

The line-up of bloggers is absolutely amazing.

The site is still evolving, but we really think it is going to be something cool.

And thus launched…

Pooping Rainbows!

15 thoughts on “thoughts —> action

  1. How cool! Are you going to have topics? Or is it going to be poetry? Or just whatever the hell the writer feels like writing?? If you ever find yourself looking for new bloggers, I’d be interested. It sounds like fun. I’ve got a friend that might also be interested – I’ve been thinking of starting a group blog like the Gentlemen one you’ve got (only we’re ladies), but so far it’s just the two of us, lol.

    • It’s funny, I actually got nervous about my post last night.

      And again this morning.

      Then I told myself it is just blogging. And that the 7th of every month is mine to write whatever I like. That helped.

      And you’re going to do great!

      • No, YOU’RE going to do great, because you’ll follow my post every month. And you could poop cacca on the page and it’d still look great next to my writing. hahaha. I couldn’t fall asleep last night – kept thinking about what I’m going to write (as if my post is due this week). And then it came to me this morning … the most random introduction to my writing. Can’t wait to share it!

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