This isn't a blog post…

This is just me telling you that I fully realize that it’s been four days since I posted anything.

And I’m not entirely sure why.

My mind has been elsewhere. I’ve been thinking about other writing projects.

Yesterday I almost wrote about the Oscars. But, I didn’t care enough.

And didn’t actually watch them.

I will say that THE DEPARTED is vastly overrated, I think.

Decent movie. Nothing really new for the genre. A number of good performances. One very good performance. (Nicholson, not Wahlberg.) Very good editing — which I NEVER notice. And a kick ass song on the soundtrack.

I think Marty definitely won based on his body of work and not this film. It’s not even in his top 5 best films.

I thought LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE was a better choice.

Glad AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH won. Al Gore IS a rock star.

[This is where Peter considered going on a rant amount the American electoral process.]

I also happened to watch all three of those films this weekend on DVD.

Last night, before bed, I decided that I wanted to write a blog post this morning. So, I told my subconscious to work on something over night.

I woke up this morning with… no ideas.

My 12th grade math teacher told us that he often solved problems in his sleep. So, I figured it could work for me too. Apparently I did it wrong.

Of course, he’s the same guy that said “up yours with a wire brush!” to a student. And, as he put his key in the classroom lock, muttered, “I could tell it was the wrong hole by the way she wiggled.”

Maybe I shouldn’t put too much stock in his advice.

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  1. Eve: I think that calling him a “character” would be quite an understatement.

    James: I have been slacking as well.

    Megan: See the things I was a witness to during my formative years? Maybe you could use a wire brush to clean your mind’s eye?

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