This is what I CAN write

The difference between what I can write and what I want to write oftentimes lives in a fog.
A confusing mass of thoughts, feelings, urges, inspirations…
It’s false starts.
And sudden stops.
An elusive intensity, bobbing and weaving around words that seek to pin it down.
It’s tantalizingly close.
And excruciatingly far away.
There’s a panacean need to find the right way to explain it all.
It’s naive hope.
And niggling doubt.
On occasion, the fog briefly lifts and I can wrest control of the words and bring them out.
It’s too much.
And not even nearly enough.
Still, I keep reaching.

0 thoughts on “This is what I CAN write

  1. Fabulous Peter, just fabulous.

    I’m amazed that i’m complimenting you considering your latest comment :-P haha

  2. “It’s tantalizingly close.
    And excruciatingly far away.”

    That feeling is the absolute worst, isn’t it.

  3. I have no idea how totally blown away I would be by the stuff you CAN’T write, since I am always this amazed at what you CAN…

    You are awesome! :)

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