This is not a blog post

Though if it was a blog post, it would look much like this.  You know, all wordy and fonterrific.

But this is not a post.

You see, it would appear that I can’t think of fun blog topics.  Poooooooop.

Since it rained here for 95% of the last month, I don’t want to complain about the heat right now.  But, you know, shit is hot.

I thought about watching “More to Love” last night and then writing a post about it.

But I forgot.  Then I tuned it for ten minutes in the middle.  These are my thoughts on the part of the show I watched:

– Listing their weights?  Mean?

– So someone gets drunk and dives in the pool.  This is just like The Bachelor.

– Brunette girl who has never been on a date before is making me :(  I want to hug her.

And then I switched it to an episode of The Simpsons.

Maybe I should have tried watching “Love in the Dark.”

So I’m asking you…

What should I blog about?

18 thoughts on “This is not a blog post

  1. Not sure I’m in any position to make suggestions since all I seem to be able to talk about lately is cauliflower.

    And Men’s Health’s “Guy Wisdom” lists.

    • Fact: I may have spent an entire day this week reading every. single. list in sex area of that site. Cosmo should be ashamed of themselves, men’s health lists are so much cooler. And you know, hotter.

      • Well then I had excellent company as I was reading them all on Monday and saying damn near the same exact thing to the friend who sent it:

        BS: they should make one for women, but it’d be so lame.
        BS: all self-helpy
        BS: and kindly worded
        BS: with none of the bite
        BS: why IS that?!

        So I started working on my own.

        • Fact: There was one about the female orgasm that I feel every man in the entire world should have handed to them to study before they have sex for the first time. I’m pretty sure if more dudes read that list, every single problem in the world would be solved. This includes all wars, economic crisis and bad drivers. The sex would just be THAT good.

  2. I watched the whole sad episode and I’m sad that any of those girls even went on that show. Why do they list their weights at ALL, let alone EVERY TIME they put their names on the screen? That IS mean. I’m probably also mean for thinking he kept the “never had a date” chick around because he’s intrigued at how virginal she is. Or maybe I’m just jaded. Tell me again why I watched the whole thing? It was like a train crash, all those weepy women thinking this was their “last chance to find love.” For God’s sake, you’re only TWENTY-TWO!! Okay, that concludes my rant for today.

    Blog Topics: How about things you wish women knew about men? Or… How to add more fun to your life? Or… Favourite breakfast foods? Yeah… I got nothin’.

  3. You could bitch about how hot it is. Or you could bitch about how evil your puppies are. Or you could bitch about anything and everything. Oh wait … then you’d be writing on my blog.
    Sorry, dude. I’ve got nothing.

  4. I had this same feeling today, and I wrote about traffic. Blogging about traffic is like talking about traffic. You should only do it when desperate and surrounded by judgmental strangers.

  5. I had the same TV schedule…More to Love for approximately 2 minutes, realized it sucked, switched to the Simpsons. The episode where Ned is committed to the mental hospital, good stuff.

  6. Wow. You just used an emotiocon in your blog post to describe how you feel. You’re like a Neanderthal who is incapable of expressing his feeling. When you like a girl do you club her over the head and drag her to your cave?

  7. about how awesome i am.

    oh, you don’t want to?

    how about blogging about how awesome cleveland is?

    oh, you don’t want to write about that either?

    how about blogging about what it’s like to be a male blogger in a woman’s world? ya know, talk about blog groupies…

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