this is not a blog post either

I’m working on something else today, so no new post for you.

In the meantime, if you are looking for something to read, Nicole fucking crushed this one.

IndieInk is bringing cool shit every day.

Or if you are just craving some DeWolfy goodness, you can go through my archives.  The entire collection is an international treasure, really.  (Seriously, where does all this “big ego” talk come from?)  Here’s a little one to get you started.

Wondering what I’m working on?  Well Ben may have touched on it the other day.  And maybe it’s related to this type of deal. And maybe instead of just two people bringing the awesome, it involves FIVE bloggers.   Maybe it’s me and Ben and three of the most talented female bloggers IN THE WORLD.


You better get your faces ready to be rocked off just in case.

9 thoughts on “this is not a blog post either

  1. Nicole is awesome. Just added her to my “must read to learn more or at least laugh out loud” list.

    You’re there. But you’re off in doodle land and/or writing something else. And all I get is a $.58 bill for calling you drunk one night to bitch about a mean blog comment.


  2. awww, mr peter dewolf, i think you may have made me blush.

    i’m stoked for it too. we’re going to rock the internet in a way it has never been rocked before.

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