things that pop into my head while I am eating a bowl of organic multi-grain cereal with rice milk

He pawed at the fraying edges of his dream,
Like a sailor frantically unfurling a chart.
It was disappearing.
What had started as a mundane, if detailed, REM dance,
had somehow morphed.
He kissed her.
“Oh, you can’t do that,” she whispered.
After kissing him back.
The guilt was severe and immediate.
He apologized.
“It was nothing,” she smiled (almost) dismissively.
There are things that hurt more than guilt.
She went on with her business.
His pain faded.
He was getting happy again, when
The chill and light of the morning began to conspire.
Still, his beef with consciousness faded quickly too.

He kissed her.

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  1. Michelle Ann says:

    Wow…the only thing that pops into my head eating breakfast is whether coffee can be directly injected into my veins…

  2. theselittlemoments says:

    I really liked this, but can’t get over the rice milk thing. Are you are lactard like me and I just didn’t know it?

  3. Clink says:

    I agree with Michelle Ann.

    Over your cereal, you’re all “I think I will write something good. Here it comes.”

    Over mine, I’m all “….”

  4. Princess Extraordinaire says:

    Alluring – I love it

  5. JenBun says:

    In agreement with Michelle Ann and Clink– how the hell do you get this out over breakfast? I’m still not coherent. And it’s 1:00 p.m.

    Is this about Mandy Moore? It is, isn’t it?!

    When I read that line about “REM dancing,” I immediately forgot all my medical training (ha!) that REM = rapid eye movement and is a sleep stage. Instead, I pictured you dancing around to “Losing My Religion.” You know, by R.E.M.

    Still not convinced you’re not a fan.

  6. Steph says:

    Awww, that was so swoonworthy.

  7. Hope says:

    Are you in my head? Or like Roberta Flack says, [You’re] strumming my pain with [your] fingers?

    Fucking brilliant, Peter. :)

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