they're all curly

if i was
walking along
one day
looking particularly
in my
adidas gazelles
and a genie
offered me
three wishes
i’d be all
yo genie
the fuck
are you
doing here
and he’d be all
some way to
greet a genie
and i’d be all
bitch it’s not like
i see a genie
every day
and he’d say
gimme your wishes
i’d think for a minute
rubbing my chin
cause i’m a
you know
then i’d tell him to
give you
unlimited money
to follow your
and i could already
see you
hitting the atm
seeing the number
maybe peeing
just a little
he’d snap his
genie fingers
and say
it’s done
what’s number two
i’d stare off
into the distance
all deep in thought
and shit
and tell him
make my family
and me
healthy and happy
he’d snappy snappy
and say
it be done
and i’d think
the people i love
all taken care of
and i’d even
making fun of
his genie shoes
and that’s not
have you seen
genie shoes
i mean
come on
so you’d
have lots of money
and warm dark eyes
but you already
had those
and my family
would be doing well
good stuff
i’d feel
pretty pleased
with myself
i mean
even more than usual
right on
right on
and the third wish
i’d use to
see your booooobs

9 thoughts on “they're all curly

  1. Hahaha. The whole time I was reading this one I kept thinking, “There’s going to be a twist in the tale. There has to be!” The most awesome thing about this one was even though I was expecting it, I simply couldn
    ‘t figure out the ending.

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