They have the internet on computers now?

I have never been one to be too concerned about the latest fads. He says as he practices the macarena whilst wearing a “frankie says relax” t-shirt. I typically find my way to these things long after they’ve jumped the shark. For example, using the phrase “jumped the shark.”

The overwhelming urge to make a snarky comment has once again lead me to something years after everyone else discovered it…

I am now on MySpace.

(You can’t comment on people’s MySpaces unless you have one of your own. Bastards.)

It is entirely likely that I’ll be amused by it for a few days and the ignore it completely. But, for now, it intrigues me.

I can’t really understand the popularity of it. Most pages are horrible to look at. The whole thing feels rather awkward. I’m guessing it’s kind of like having sex with Paris Hilton. It wouldn’t be your first choice, but it’s free and everyone else is doing it. You almost feel like you are missing out by not trying it.

I’m also confused by the appeal of having tv shows and famous music groups add you as a friend. For the most part, you are just being friended by an intern from the mailroom that gets paid minimum wage and steals post-its by stuffing them in his underwear.

So, of course, I immediately added a tv show and some musical acts.

I do like the idea of having my own theme song. That is very cool. Granted, I’ve changed it 47 times in a few hours.

I’ve also realized that of the 375 people I’ve encountered over the past few years that are on MySpace, I can’t remember a single one of them right now.

So, if you are a MySpacer, please add me as a friend.

I don’t want to be left alone with that presumptuous prick “Tom.”

I just made my first inside MySpace joke.

Holy crap I’m cool! He says as he listens to Lisa Loeb.

0 thoughts on “They have the internet on computers now?

  1. I agree with you concerning the MySpace pages, and your vivid metaphor with Paris Hilton sums it up very nicely!

    However, even if I disagreed, I’m following your advice: (You can’t comment on people’s MySpaces unless you have one of your own. Bastards.) ;)

  2. I agree. My Space is a horrible waste of time. The interface sucks. The pages often crash your browser. They put you back in touch with people you lost touch with for a reason and they connect you with people you know loosely via the internet.

    This is why I sent a friend request your way:)

  3. Hm, I never heard of myspace before… Does that make me Kool cause it’s now un-kool or does it make me un-kool cause i don’t even know. Does anyone who knows me think I really care?

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