#thepetecast 8 – Eleni edition!

Eleni joins us (from Greece!) to talk about writing and relationships and writing about relationships and writing relationships with writers.

If you have any suggestions for guests, or you would like to be a guest yourself, feel free to email me at peterdewolf(at)gmail(dot)com.

5 thoughts on “#thepetecast 8 – Eleni edition!

  1. I frickin’ love Eleni. I am looking forward to this book you two are putting together. I didn’t realize the blogosphere had changed so much, and I think blaming Twitter is pretty valid.

  2. Haha. “To me it just sounds easier to make new friends.” made me snort un-daintily. Eleni is so lovely (and sounds totally South African to this Canadian, fyi). I can’t wait for you two to finish the novel!

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