#thepetecast 66 – “You’re feistier than I expected” with @meganstanley

You know what’s awesomer than one awesome thing? Combining TWO awesome things! Megan dropped by the do #thepetecast! And it was, of course, wonderful.

Some of the many things we discussed, as described by Megan:

“Hate hangovers,Trolling, my dog, the weather, The West Wing, the correct way to spool the toilet paper, politics, life interns, Who needs to do Petecasts, Personas you assign to people on the Internet vs real life (and the discrepancies between them.)”

You should drop whatever you’re doing and listen!



If you have any suggestions for guests, would like to be a guest, or have an idea for a fun topic, give us some feedback!

Big thanks, as always, to Nico!!!!

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