#thepetecast 61 – Let’s turn it up a notch! with Nico

Once a generation, there comes together two people who, when they combine their talents, change the very way you look at a genre.

This probably isn’t that.

But, my word, you should listen to this fucking podcast episode.

At long last, Nico is here, children! And it is as glorious as the ancients foretold!

And it is absolutely ridiculous.



Nico has now joined #thepetecast team! (Which is basically Nico and me…)

We explain his new exciting role in the episode, so you gotta listen. But you may notice a huuuuge jump in sound quality and cool as hell editing and trickery that makes it a REAL podcast.

And a theme song! Nico created a theme song!

What are you people waiting for?

Names are dropped! Secrets are told! Mindholes are blown!

Oh and the definition is “a potentially painful medical condition in which the erect penis does not return to its flaccid state.”

Now go listen!

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