#thepetecast 50 – “Two dudes chatting about chicks” edition – with Chowderhead!

Ladies, have you ever wanted to eavesdrop on two guys talking about women and relationships? Fellas, have to ever wanted to discuss women and relationships sensibly but never seem to get the opportunity?

If you answered”yes,” this is the episode of #thepetecast for you!

Even if you didn’t, you should check it out anyway.

It’s me and Chowderhead (@ASendek)

Join us!


If you have any suggestions for guests, would like to be a guest, or have an idea for a fun topic, give us some feedback!

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7 Responses

  1. It’s true about feeling constrained by the viewers I know to an extent. I don’t like that I have to be aware of what I am writing because despite my effort at anonymity , some ppl know me in real life. I have to try not to care. The other thing I am trying to be aware of, especially with other websites where I comment with my blogger name…I have to be okay with owning whatever I say, because it’s out there now!

    • Adam S says:

      Sometimes it’s a claustrophobic feeling for me. Kinda like, wish I had another blog for the ‘real talk’ stuff. Although, I guess that’s not a difficult thing to do now is it? I put it on my list:

      “Create new blog to piss off complete strangers.”

      Thanks for listening, ARQ

  2. singlegirlie says:

    Great job, guys. I agree – the little things matter! I’d rather have the little things every week than one big thing a year. Chicks love when you do nice shit for them. Glad there are guys like you out there.

    • Adam S says:

      Whoa! Hey there, miss lady! Have we met before? I sent you a singing telegram. The soprano figure will be very large and wearing a banana hammock. He’s gonna sing a Dionne Warwick song for you. Hope you you like! ;)

  1. November 25, 2013
  2. November 26, 2013

    […] a podcast over at Peter DeWolf, Peter and ChowderHead discuss women, and expressing emotions; along the way […]

  3. December 27, 2013

    […] recently listened to a podcast by Peter DeWolf. Adam was his guest, and they were Two Dudes Chatting about Chicks. The conversation confirmed my overall opinion of Adam. He’s caring, kind, and has a soft heart. […]

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