#thepetecast 50 – “Two dudes chatting about chicks” edition – with Chowderhead!

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  1. It’s true about feeling constrained by the viewers I know to an extent. I don’t like that I have to be aware of what I am writing because despite my effort at anonymity , some ppl know me in real life. I have to try not to care. The other thing I am trying to be aware of, especially with other websites where I comment with my blogger name…I have to be okay with owning whatever I say, because it’s out there now!

    • Adam S says:

      Sometimes it’s a claustrophobic feeling for me. Kinda like, wish I had another blog for the ‘real talk’ stuff. Although, I guess that’s not a difficult thing to do now is it? I put it on my list:

      “Create new blog to piss off complete strangers.”

      Thanks for listening, ARQ

  2. singlegirlie says:

    Great job, guys. I agree – the little things matter! I’d rather have the little things every week than one big thing a year. Chicks love when you do nice shit for them. Glad there are guys like you out there.

    • Adam S says:

      Whoa! Hey there, miss lady! Have we met before? I sent you a singing telegram. The soprano figure will be very large and wearing a banana hammock. He’s gonna sing a Dionne Warwick song for you. Hope you you like! ;)

  1. November 25, 2013
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  3. December 27, 2013

    […] recently listened to a podcast by Peter DeWolf. Adam was his guest, and they were Two Dudes Chatting about Chicks. The conversation confirmed my overall opinion of Adam. He’s caring, kind, and has a soft heart. […]

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