#thepetecast 43 – “You should be listening to Lainey!” edition

My girlfriend, while an awesome chick in general, is not the most Texas-y of Texas women around. Though she does get credit for her occasional “Y’all”s (swoon!) and because of the fact her first vehicle was actually a truck.

And then there’s Lainey. (@ebalagia)

Friends, you have to check out Lainey. She is everything you love about Texas, all rolled up in a ball of explosive singing talent.

By day, she’s a lawyer who can track your butt down.

By night, she hits the stage with one of the purest country voices you’ve ever heard.

I’m not sure what she does right around dusk. Watches Family Guy, maybe?

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We discussed: music, lawyering, TEXAS, Longhorns, Reba McEntire, the underrated Houston, Tanya Tucker, leather pants, Lainey’s cool parents, country music radio, and her super talented good guy boyfriend Brant. (@Brant_Croucher)

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3 thoughts on “#thepetecast 43 – “You should be listening to Lainey!” edition

  1. Ha! “We’ll kill all the birds” cracked me up. I like how quickly you went from three or four birds with one stone to “birdmageddon.” Thanks for the intro to this lovely bird murderer, Pete!

  2. Hi Pete, Loved the interview. Not too many people can handle full-on Laineyb. I applaud your ability to respond with witty repartee and quick quips while letting the un-tameable Tattooed Debutante tell her life story in just under an hour! Still trying to figure out how The Bird Murderer could also love “To Kill a Mocking Bird.” No matter…She’s still darlin!

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