#thepetecast 33 – panda lovin’ with Amber edition!

Amber Adrian is here!


We discuss: Panda ears, panda’s sex lives, where you would want to ride on a broom, platipi playing atari, french fries vs. sweet potato fries, ok cupid, amsterdam, guys who never take off their hats, zack morris’ cell phone, sherpas, dating in your 30’s, and more!

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It’s @amberadrian! And @peterdewolf! On a podcast! You should listen! Panda lovin’!
— http://peterdewolf.com/?p=4183  [Click to tweet!]

If you have any suggestions for guests, would like to be a guest, or have an idea for a fun topic, give us some feedback!


One thought on “#thepetecast 33 – panda lovin’ with Amber edition!

  1. I had no idea Nicole was the reason behind the Panda!
    Viagra-laced bamboo? Really Pete? HAHA.
    And yes, always say yes to panda ears.
    I want a wand too! Then we can all make magic.

    I like how the Petecast has evolved!
    I don’t like black licorice… sweet potatoes are delightful. And Pete, what is wrong with you? You don’t like the Beatles?
    I would so be down for a video podcast! Do it! I especially think Amber would be awesome for that.
    Clown porn? WTF? How do you come up with this stuff?
    And I thought it was a vacuum… haha!

    Oh my gosh… she went on a date three days after her dad died. Man. I can’t even imagine. When my step-sister died, I didn’t leave my couch for like a month.

    I love you both! And I want you two to do another Petecast sometime.

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