#thepetecast 31 – Relationships with sarahdotcom!


sarahdotcom is back! Yay!

We discuss: deal breakers in relationships, keeping parts of the relationship offline/private, complainers (who we complain about), relationship requirements, what to say to someone crushing on you that you don’t reallllly like back, a listener’s question: how to attract the “right” type of guys, how long to wait after a breakup, how people deal with breakups, what you learn about yourself being single and… what we wear to bed!

You should totally listen!

And spread the word:

“Want to know what @sarahdotcom and @peterdewolf wear to bed? – http://peterdewolf.com/?p=4145” – [Click to tweet.]

If you have any suggestions for guests, would like to be a guest, or have an idea for a fun topic, give us some feedback!

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