#thepetecast 22 – “Sarah & Peter teach you about Canada” edition!

Sarah’s back! And we teach you all about Canada!


We discuss: CANADA!, the answers to your questions, the time I played E.T. in a school play, a blogger conference/#thepetecast reunion lobster and moonshine party next summer, and a crapload more.

And Sarah sings!

Give it a listen:

If you have any suggestions for guests, or you would like to be a guest yourself, feel free to email me at peterdewolf(at)gmail(dot)com.

7 thoughts on “#thepetecast 22 – “Sarah & Peter teach you about Canada” edition!

  1. NO MADE UP ANSWERS SARAH! Haha. Erikwa? Did I spell that right? I want to know more about this tribe.

    And we have Cadbury, but it’s done by a U.S. company which means the Cadbury bars have weird preservatives in that one. I WANT ALL THE COFFEE CRISPS! I found them in World Market the other day and I bought many. Thanks again for all the chocolates. You did send a Caramilk and it was delightful. I have pictures to prove it. The mint aero is really good but orange aero? That sounds AMAZING.

    I don’t mind if you insult us. I’m comfortable with my American immigrant heritage.

    Put up the dishes? Okay, that’s just weird.

    Lauren is amazing, so shut your mouth. ;)

    Natal day? Is that like… Birthing Day?

    Park City, UT has statues of moose all over. They are painted and fun. Moose walk by my mom’s house all the time. They are kind of cute. And some have funny looking goatees.

    Hey, we know what tobogganing is in Utah! We have a toboggan in Park City. ;)

    I’m down for Truth or Dare! I feel like that might need a video component as well for the dare part.

    Sarah has a pretty good voice! This must be why we get along… all kindred theatre spirits. And Pete? SING IT, MAN!

    That’s what our podcast should be… a musical!

    • haha. Well I didn’t make up the Iroquois. Although I don’t think Peter’s story of their originating the Canadian “eh” is strictly accurate.

      I’m totally down for the podcast musical! :)

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