#thepetecast 15 – Derek edition!

It’s Derek!


We discuss: blogging, how it’s changed, what it’s like being a boy blogger, amazing women bloggers, 20SB, the history of blogging, what inspired us to start, writing, soccer, and our shared man love of Tony Pierce.

And Jenn drops in!

If you have any suggestions for guests, or you would like to be a guest yourself, feel free to email me at peterdewolf(at)gmail(dot)com.


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  1. @20SB says:

    RT @peterdewolf: We discuss @20SB in #thepetecast 15 – @dshan edition — http://t.co/kAu3tx7R01

  2. @dshan says:

    RT @peterdewolf: #thepetecast 15 – @dshan edition! — http://t.co/kAu3tx7R01

  3. Two dudes talking about being dudes surrounded by ladies blogging about being dudes surrounded by ladies — http://t.co/kAu3tx7R01 – @dshan

  4. @busblog says:

    Wow what a huge boost to my ego! Thanks PDW! MT @peterdewolfshared manlove of the godfather of blogging @busblog http://t.co/H3B1RVskZz

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