#thepetecast 12 – Swappy Joe edition!

Swappy Joe and I were complete strangers. Now we’re BFFS! Such is the magic of #thepetecast!


We discuss: TV, Ragnar, blind dates, first dates, Nick Miller, Seinfeld, pink hair, cheerleaders, blogging, and a buttload of other things!

We namedrop: Derek, Nicole, Jenn, Ashley Riordan, Ben, and Drea.



If you have any suggestions for guests, or you would like to be a guest yourself, feel free to email me at peterdewolf(at)gmail(dot)com.


8 thoughts on “#thepetecast 12 – Swappy Joe edition!

  1. I need to see pictures of Swapp with dreadlocks to believe it… sounds awesome but I’m struggling to imagine it.

    The Ragnar sounds TOO hard. But I applaud people who do it.

    And YES, BiSC rocks! You would love it, Pete! That’s how I met your GF, duh. The Petecast should live on too.

    Now she has me wondering if there’s a difference between being outgoing and being social…

    You both need to do VEDA. Just do it.

    Cinque Terre is amazing! When I was in Italy, we spent the most time there aside from Rome. It’s true about the lack of connectivity too.

    (Can you tell I comment as I listen? Haha!)

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