"The weirdest band in the world!"

The Monkey was here last night.  Her class is raising money for a charity and she was out collecting.

I reminded her that she hadn’t given me the list of songs she wanted me to put on her iPod.

See, The Monkey has been trained since an early age that she should call me for anything technical.

Want the Playstation set up? Call Peter.

Want your computer fixed? Call Peter.

Want the channel changed? Call Peter.

So, it should come as no surprise that she never got around to hooking her iPod up to her computer.  Ever.

She prefers to tell me what music she wants, then makes me find it and put it on her iPod.

I give her a hard time about it.  1) Because she has questionable taste in music.  2)  Because I’m just like that.

She started writing her list down.  It was mostly Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato, with some Eminem thrown in for fun.   (Lovato is the little chick from Camp Rock, which I really should have known.)

I looked at the list.  I looked at her.  I said, “How about I put some of my own music on it?”

Her eyes popped out.  “Not again!”


“Peter, last time you put on some WEIRD music.  The weirdest band in the world…  Kings of Lay-On.”  (Not TOO french.)

“You didn’t like?” I asked.

She looked like I had just asked who Hannah Montana is.  Shock.  Outrage.  Possibly a little gassy.

“No, Peter.”

I looked at her list again.  “I’ll surprise you.”

She walked towards the door, talking to no one in particular.  “Kings of Leon.  That is really the name.  Kings of LEE-on.  Kings of LeON.”

“That kid is loony,” I said.  Also to no one in particular.

“Kings of Leon’s Furniture” she said as she walked out the door.

0 thoughts on “"The weirdest band in the world!"

  1. I’m so hoping you didn’t put the song ‘I want you’ by Kings of Leon on her iPod. Have you ever listened to the lyrics? So not appropriate for a little girl.

  2. Reminds me of when my 4 year old neice sang Pink’s Rockstar song to me…she knew every single word!!

    Where do they get this stuff?

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