The Stages of Writer's Block by Peter DeWolf

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  1. skinny says:

    “Mmmmmm … pancakes”

    well written Peter!!!

  2. JenBun says:

    I particularly like your pick-up line!

    “You grrrrr-ed in a blog! Love it!”

    I know who should be your guest on Oprah…

    “And the blog comes full circle…”

    JB and KB :)

  3. Hope says:

    Oh Peter. I’m just going to blurt it out too.

    You’re totally crush-worthy too.

  4. Wormer says:

    I really think you should’ve continued in stage 3. It sounded promising.

  5. Ashley says:

    You are too funny. Somehow, your writers block is still good writing. HOW DO YOU DO IT?

  6. Essentially Me says:

    This was fuckin hilarious.

  7. mindy says:

    Be honest: do you sometimes think “I kind of have the attention span of a 2 year old.”?

  8. MissE says:


    Lord, I wish you could be in my creative writing class!

  9. Paige Jennifer says:

    I totally morph into Sybil when I write. Mumbling “I’m brilliant” and “shut up, that totally sucks” in the same damn breath.

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