The post that I can't remember…

At some point during the night — maybe 4:00am-ish — I woke up and was parched. So, I got up for a drink of water. Upon settling back into my bed, I had a genius idea for today’s post.

And now it’s gone.

One can only assume that it was the blog equivalent of War and Peace. Just without the war. And the peace. And it may have involved “Fraggle Rock” in some capacity.

In any event, I can’t remember it at all.

Maybe if I write about something else it’ll come back to me.


*taps finger on chin*

I can tell you about a weird-ass dream that I had last night.

So, in this dream, I was dating a fellow (female) blogger.

(Oooooh scandal!)

It wasn’t one of THOSE dreams. But, it started off a little flirty.

However, this female soon convinced me that we should go to college together — which happened very quickly.

We ended up in some advanced calculus class. The professor was a taller version of Taye Diggs. So, I said to big Taye, “Dude, I think I’m in the wrong class. Do you have anything in marketing?” But, blogger chick gave me a look and shook her head. So, I opted to stay.

I was completely lost.

And it was completely not actual calculus.

I looked at the blogger/girlfriend and she had turned into Reese Witherspoon. (With dark hair.) She gave me a big smile. I gave her the “I’m bailing” head nod and she giggled.

So, I sat outside people watching.

Next thing you know, I’m driving a car. And I’m in a high (well, medium) speed chase. At first I was the chasee, and then the chaser.

In the middle of it, I stopped to let a grey cat cross the road.

Then I woke up.

Then I watched sports highlights before getting up.

Then I started typing this…


As some of you know, I just got a new cellphone. As some of you also know, I loves my gadgets.

When I first got my satellite dish, I watched 20 minutes of news in Mandarin, just because I could.

I got an electric toothbrush once and nearly wore the enamel off of my teeth.

I have always been an e-mailing or calling hombre, but I am seeing the appeal of texting now.

I’ve been taking pictures of myself in black and white, sepia, “night” mode. Playing with videos. I wonder if I can take a video in black & white. Hmmmmm…

EDIT: Hosting your own BlogRadio show — for free! That sounds like fun.

0 thoughts on “The post that I can't remember…

  1. I can’t stand having a good idea and then forgetting it. It ruins the entire day. The whole thing is just totaled when that happens.

  2. erika: A Groucho Marx glasses/mustache combo. Weird, no? ;)

    stormin’: It realy did bug me yesterday. I so seldom have an idea for a post that I really dig.

    megan: I actually have one — and they ARE awesome, eh? — but I got lazy and was over-confident in my middle-of-the-night memory.

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