The Monkey on her soccer game:

(Read in a French accent — which only seems to occur when she really gets into a story.)

“There were these two girls, there. Peter, I don’t think they liked me very much. When Sarah brought the ball down, they just did this. (She stuck out her foot.) But, when I came down, they pushed me, there. I said, ‘You wanna see how [name of her school] does it?’ That’s what I said to them. So, they came down and one girl had the ball, as she passed it to another girl, I knocked her down. (Mimes it.) Then I pushed the other girl down. Then the ball was just sitting there, so I kicked it away. But, it went to the other team. I dove for it, but fell down. The girl held it between her feet and jumped over me. Then she shot it and scored. (Pauses.) But, I had fun pushing people down!”

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