the milky way diner

i wanted to be an astronomer
he says
eyes full of stars
stomach full of pancakes
i thought you wanted to be
an architect
she replies
sweet potato tots
her phone all a-twitter
oh that too
in my more
but when i dreamed
as man does
i dreamed bigger
i dreamed further
of what there is
and what there was
of matter
and what doesn’t
the nebulas
and eagle
the mystery
the dark beauty
of the event horizon
my imagination
my curiosity
when i dreamed
i dreamed of the
the answers to questions
that only spawn more
space is neat
she notes
resisting the urge
to make an orion’s belt
matching his shoes
an orbit not taken
he mutters
i guess
each day with you
is like exploring
the magic
of the cosmos
she blinks
and again
thought that line would work?
he shrugs
maybe not
i suspect though
i suspect there are few things
i could have seen through a telescope
that would leave me in awe
like your face
in this light
she rolls a tot in ketchup
that’s not bad

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  1. AshleyD says:

    Heehee. Not bad. :)

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