The little munchkin is gone home…

And already I miss her. :( Like I usually do after her visits, I’ll spend the next few days looking at her pics and thinking, “Awwwww. Pooooop.”

We had a fun ten days. A few points that I didn’t mention yet:

– It may take her Mommy & Daddy a couple of days to unspoil her. One day she had an ice cream sandwich for breakfast. Don’t call the authorities! (Later she did have some oatmeal.)

– Uncle Pete putting on tights is apparently VERY funny. (The tights were being put on the ACN, NOT Uncle Pete himself. Though he did wear them once for a school play, and rocked them completely.)

– The ACN LOVES it when I yell “Curses!” and shake my fist.

– The Mommy & Daddy brought the ACN home the six presents that she requested. That was the deal. They could go south without her, if they brought back six presents. (Seven if you count each maraca separately.)

– The Mommy learned how to say “asshole” in Spanish.

– Yesterday we got into a fight just before lunch. I wanted to stop painting for two minutes to put chicken in the oven. She did not support this initiative. The end result was her telling me that she was getting a new Unc from the Unc store and trading me in. She apparently kept the receipt.

– It’s probably a good thing that I don’t have a date tonight. I could end up wiping her face with her napkin while making “SQUEE SQUEE SQUEE” sounds. Ah let’s face it, that could potentially happen any time with me.

– Uncle Pete has 60+ hours of shows on his PVR. The ACN informed him that he could watch television AFTER she went home. She was very clear about that.

One thought on “The little munchkin is gone home…

  1. Aw, I’m going to miss her too. She sounds like a real cutie, and tough too!

    Where is this Unc store? I live in New York, and I haven’t seen one. I definitely could use an unc though, what with all the tights I need help putting on and things.

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