the internet is all crankypants lately

I know this is not new information for anyone, but some people on the internet don’t know how to discuss things that they don’t agree with.

It starts with a tweet. It devolves into a blog post that could best be described as bringing a chainsaw to a pillow fight.

It begins with a lovely letter. It turns into horrible comments from sad, angry people.

And I don’t understand why.

It seems as though people believe that the last word comes with some monetary reward.

The keyboard tough guys that used to spend their time on message boards, kept apart from the general population, now comment on blogs.

The drama queens, who’ll jump on any cause, now use social media to spread their “omg i am so mad!!!!”s

Being agreeable, of course, doesn’t get as much attention.

And when the bruhaha loses steam, they bring it up again.

Posses form to get the back of someone who doesn’t need it.

Instead of learning from them, people attack opposing viewpoints.

And it sucks.

Agreeing to disagree is a thing.


Finding common ground is admirable, not a weakness.

Read before you type.

Then read again.

And when you’re finished typing, let your finger linger over your keyboard.

Then backspace away the fuel from the fire.

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