The Idol

I just watched American Idol and have a couple quick thoughtlets:

– Sanjaya Malakar… Dude. Seriously? He now feels completely bulletproof. I’ll be shocked if he doesn’t come on next week wearing a feather boa and burping the alphabet.

– If I wasn’t such a gentleman — and if I hadn’t sworn off Italian women — I’d say that I’d like to take a 3-day vacation to Haley Scarnato’s legs. Have you seen those things? Insane. Wow.

0 thoughts on “The Idol

  1. Yeah…’re not the only one, Pete. I may have taken notice of that myself.

    P.S. Who said you were a gentleman? Someone who voted for Sanjaya?

    P.S.S. Correction. I definitely took notice. Who am I kidding?

  2. stormin’: You REALLY should. Last night she wore high black boots with them. I’m going to need a moment…

    dave: They are hard to miss, eh? I figure that if I say the gentleman thing often enough people will start believing it. Shhhhh.

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