The Great Music Swap of '09

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  1. Matt says:

    I think I would be fine as long as I had the rolling stones, zepp and jay z.

    • Peter DeWolf says:

      I could be musically satisfied for a long time with only The Stones, I think. I just haven’t been listening to them lately, so they got left off the list.

      If I included them, and followed my “one song per band/artist” rule, I’d choose “Gimme Shelter.”

      Or “Angie.”

      Or another one of dozens.

  2. jen - tsk says:

    Ahhh, I have to do this tonight!! Mine is going to Germany and I do not have a clue! Although, I do have something up my sleeve that will make it all better hehe x

  3. Lily says:

    Thank you for introducing me to the world of Dropbox and pulling me out of my sad, “Amish” old-fashioned CD burning lifestyle. And for sharing this collection – again the inclusion of Great Big Sea is just so fantastic, as are many other tracks.

  4. E.P. says:

    It makes me incredibly happy that you made not one, but THREE albums for the swap. I’m having a hard time slimming mine down. C’est la vie.

    Also, I haven’t heard of many of the songs on here, though I will say that Romeo and Juliet is probably one of my favorite songs. I can’t help but smile whenever the song comes on.

  5. Chelsea says:

    Gah! All three of these discs are fantastic!! I’d love to take part in the sharing if possible…we’re moving right now and my music collection is temporarily out of commission. This would be perfect for the unpacking weekend!

  6. Amanda says:

    That is tough question. I’m thinking that since my persistently Amish self burned a (very random) CD a mere couple of months ago, which has blared from my car stereo over and over without myself having grown tired of it, that a good place to start for my desert mix is with: stuff from Paul’s Boutique, a lil’ Ella & Louis, any Belle & Sebastian song, a lively Indie song one might hear on an iPod commercial, and some British Invasion from The 60s, Baby!

  7. shine says:

    I’ve never even heard of half of these bands. Does that make me old or just out of touch?

    Oh, wait, I know! It means that I’ve been forced to listen to only death metal for the last year and a half of my life and therefore have heard no normal music in that time.

  8. Sid says:

    Great so now my name is synonymous with bad music.

  9. Mel says:

    I listen to mostly country but I have heard of some of the songs (mostly in the I know what we can do to pass time CD)

    Could you pass me some love?


  10. Patryce says:

    Wow, way to put together some great CD mixes! So would I also be able to partake in the “sharing”? Please? Promise I’m a long time blog reader :)

  11. Jillianne says:

    I’m sorry to say I know so few of your songs, but from the couple I do know it looks like it would be a fun mix.

    I use the star ranking thing in my itunes and I consider 5 star to be ‘if I had to I could listen to nothing but this song over and over again’. I don’t tend to do the ‘most listened’ to thing as I throw everything into the ipod and hit random. Which can be interesting because I tend to be pretty ecclectic. At one point I added a whole bunch of Eminem and Metallica in an attempt to ‘balance out’ the whinnie the pooh CDs we got for my niece … I gotta tell you, there is no balancing out and poor Pooh Bear was shown the door.

    Anyway this is my current list, but I’ve not been through and re-evaluated everything in a while so I’m probably missing a few. Actually looking at it now I think it needs a revamp.

    Alone Like Me – The Sharp
    Angel of Harlem – U2
    Body – Presidents of the United States of America
    Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy – The Andrews Sisters
    Crazy Bitch – Buckcherry
    Fever – Peggy Lee (though I’d rather have the Jessica Rabbit version ;) )
    Holy Grail – Hunters and Collectors
    Loose Yourself – Eminem
    Son of a Preacher Man – Deni Hines
    Throw your Arms Around Me – Hunters and Collectors
    The Way I Are – Timberland
    Twig – Presidents of the United States of America

    What that list says about me I’m not sure but it’s probably something along the lines of ‘she’s crazy run far far away’. Certainly a strange combination.

  12. brandy says:

    Questions like this give me the hives. Because I feel as soon as I pick the songs, I won’t be able to change my mind and when it comes to questions like this, my answer changes daily. However, today? Here would be some of the songs I would have to have:

    1. My doorbell- The White Stripes
    2. Drive on- Johnny Cash (greatest cash song ever)
    3. All My days- Alexi Murdoch
    4. Untouchable Face- Ani DiFranco
    5. Little Bit of Feel Good- Jamie Lidell
    6. Gardenia- Mandy Moore
    7. Love, love, love- Tristan Prettyman
    8. Bust A Move- Young MC
    9. Criminal- Fiona Apple
    10. Everything- Stereo Fuse
    11. I Don’t like Mondays- Tori Amos
    12. Home for a rest- Spirit of the West
    13. Broken Arrow- Rod Stewart
    14. Fair- Remy Zero
    15. Us- Regina Spektor

    Man. I have to stop. But seriously, I didn’t even get to my shameful music. Like Soul Decision. I need Soul Decision in my life. And no, Mandy Moore will never be classified as shameful to me. I love her too much.

  13. JenBun says:

    Some of those songs sound familiar… ;)

    I would definitely also include James’ “Laid.” And then some Dave Matthews. And Eminem. And lots and lots of GNR!

    I know you’re shuddering at what else I’ll come up with… I’ll have to share when I do! :)

    Great fun!

  14. dimensha says:


    you have an awesome mix of some real classics along with more less-than-mainstream stuff.

    i’m partial to jeff buckley’s “hallelujah” myself though. also, the placebo song…is that a cover of the kate bush song by the same name? because that would be interesting. i like placebo but haven’t heard much of their stuff.

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