the girl no longer in the silver dress

The sun let itself in, before the city noises arrived on a breeze, through the partially open French doors. The breeze is the tiniest bit cool. Just enough to let you know it’s there.

Her dress is over the back of a chair. And empty wine bottle sits in an even emptier ice cream container on the table. Most of the covers, save for one crisp white sheet, are on the floor.

She pulls the white sheet up to her chin and makes the bottom move with her wiggling toes.

She snuggles over next to his warm back. He makes a noise that might remind one of a largely content hibernating bear. “Schmoosh schmush schmu shhhhh”

Her smile takes over her whole face.

The city is getting a little louder, and making her even more excited for the day.

He’s trying to cling to sleep. She really is uncharacteristically awake for this time of the morning, but she decides that she is going to stay quiet and let him sleep. She does her best.

For about four seconds.

“Remember the first thing you ever said to me?” she asks.

“Mmmmm. That day at the pool party?”


“I told you that pergola is Italian for ‘roof that doesn’t protect you from the rain.'”

“I liked you right away.”

“I bet.”

“I never thought we’d be together after all this time though.”

“Because you figured my raging sexuality would leave you a broken husk of a woman?”


“Thought so.”

He yawns and gets snugglier.

“You think anybody feels like we are a strange fit?” she asks.

“Not anyone who really knows us.”

She pulls on his right shoulder until he rolls towards her with a little grumble.

“Hi!” she says.

He opens his eyes a little and sleepysmiles.

“You’re pretty,” he exhales.

And closes his eyes again.

She caresses his stubbly cheek lightly with the back of her hand.

“What did you think when you first saw me?” she asks.

“I hope she doesn’t eat that last cinnamon roll.”


“I thought that I would be so bummed if you had a boyfriend.”

“Awww. Love. I thought you were so handsome. I mean I still do. But I liked your smile… and your smirk. I thought you were so cute. Tall. You looked playful. I was right about that. Right away, you helped the hostess carry that tray of stuff to the table. I noticed that. I thought it was so sweet. I liked your voice. I liked your laugh. I liked the stubble, of course. I liked your plaid shirt. Granted I didn’t know that it was one of maaany. I liked when I caught you looking at me. That was such a good day. What did you like about me?”

“Your butt.”

“I don’t like you,” she says, rolling away from him.

He stops her and rolls her back.

“Babe, I was so taken by you that I almost fell in the pool, because I was looking back to see if you were looking at me. I asked every person at the party, two neighbours, and the host’s golden retriever what they knew about you. I almost passed out from sucking in my gut around you. You were, and remain, the most attractive human I have ever seen. Your sundress made me swoon. Your eyes made me smitten. I knew that anything awesome I accomplish in my life would be soooo much better with you standing beside me. I knew in that first moment that I wanted to be worthy of you. I loved how excited you got telling stories. I adored the love affair you were having with the cheese platter. And I feared a little that you’d bite my finger if tried to snag a piece of pepper jack. I had conversations with annoying people, just to stand closer to you. And when I built up the nerve to talk to you… my palms were so sweaty. I wanted to remember everything you said. And that was hard because the way your voice hugged every word distracted me so much. I was completely besotted with you. And every day since then I have found something new to love about you. My feelings are growing. Only growing. I love your heart, your brain, your sense of humour, your loyalty, and your determination. And above all else, I love that even when I fall a little short of deserving it, you let me be yours. I can’t begin to thank you enough for that.”

She pounces on him and kisses him lovingly.

“I was serious about your butt,” he says, muffled by kissing.

“Oh I know,” she replies, just as muffled.




photo credit: premieroctobre via photopin cc

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