the gift of gifting

This is the time of year when many people’s thoughts turn to gift-giving.  My thoughts are no different.  You know, except for the part where they turned to gift-giving months ago.  Seriously.  It’s a family thing.  My mom and sister start buying gifts in August.

The gift-giving thoughts led to this contest.  Which you should enter.  I’ll wait and watch TV while you do so.

Man, NewsRadio was an underrated show.

Done?  Cool.

Earlier today, Jenn wrote a post on gift-giving for people in new relationships.  I know this because she told me about it with a “Leave a comment!!!”


She asked me if I had any ideas.

I gave her a few.  (“Dress as Wonder Woman!”)

Then she told me, “You suck at this.”

I may ask Santa for more supportive friends.

But she kind of has a point.  (Don’t tell her I said so.)  I do suck at general gift ideas.  I’m very much a specific gift ideas kinda guy.

I don’t want to pick out a gift that anyone would like.  I want to pick out a gift that you will love.

I need to know you to come up with something good.

I need to care about you to come up with something even better.

I want to publish all your grandma’s recipes that you’ve been posting on a blog in a book, with a picture you sent me of you two cooking together on the cover.

I want to convince the guy from Backstreet Boys that was “ohmygodsocute!” to tweet to you.

I want to write a story about your childhood blanket, and have my friend do an illustration for it.

I want you to know that I listen.

I want you to know I put effort into it.

I need you to know how much I care.

So, yeah, being able to pick a present for someone you still don’t know very well is quite a skill.

But being able to give a present that makes someone special to you smile?

That’s just awesome.

5 thoughts on “the gift of gifting

  1. I like this way of giving, yet I find it challenging to properly implement. People generally don’t even know what they like anymore. And if they don’t even know, how the hell do you expect Me to know ?

    I’ve noticed a pretty massive drop in self-knowledge in the last few years. Society is causing people to own more stuff, and with every item someone owns, the smaller the chance that I’ll be able to find something unique and special gets.

    • You make an interesting point.

      But the way I see it is that you don’t have to buy a physical gift. You can make one. Or you can arrange for an experience of some kind.

      Self-knowledge could indeed be becoming scarcer and scarcer, but I think if you listen and pay attention, people give you gift ideas all year round.

  2. I aaaagree. I’ve been called a superawesomegiftgiver for a reason. I too listen. I too go out of my way to get the one thing that will totally blow their mind in a very silly very us way. The hardest part is waiting until Christmas.

    • Yesssssss. Tom Petty was right about the waaaiting being the hardest part.

      What also sucks is when you find the present early and then try to fight the urge to buy another one (or four) before Christmas.

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