The Exception That Proves The Rule

Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Canadians.

Happy Columbus Day to my American readers. (Though I’m not sure why the guy who directed MRS. DOUBTFIRE deserves a holiday, but whatever.)

And Happy “All Your Crops Are Going To Glow In The Dark” Day to my North Korean friends.

I’m getting my hair cut later today.


I don’t want to say that my hair is getting way too long, but do you remember John Stamos during the early seasons of “Full House?”

It doesn’t look anything like that, I just wanted to know if you remembered.

But, it is getting long and messy. I can’t think of any celeb to compare it to. Maybe Tom Selleck circa “Magnum P.I.”, since I am always wearing a ball cap too. And it is curling up like wings on the sides.

Typically on hair cut day, my hair decides to look awesome. Thus prompting me to wonder why I decided to get it cut in the first place. That almost always happens.

But not today.

Today it looks like the crap.

And it made me think, “Hmmm… the exception that proves the rule.”

And that made me think, “What the hell does that even mean?”

And THAT made me think, “Man, I’d love a chocolate Pop Tart right now.”

But, back to that rule thing… how does that even make sense? Wouldn’t an exception actually disprove a rule and junk?

Now, me having a bad hair day won’t have as adverse an effect on world markets as that nasty business in North Korea will. Probably. But, it was definitely time to get it cut.

I never know what to say when the lady asks me “What do you want done today?”

Uhm, can you, like, make it shorter?

And, from what I know about the industry, she does have the tools for making that happen.

I say things like, “Yeah, shorter… but not too short.” “Longer on top than on the sides. But, not MUCH longer.” And “Have you seen Chad Michael Murray’s hair lately? Yeah, I don’t want it to look anything like that. I just wanted to know if you had seen it.”

Since I wear baseball caps so often, I really don’t get too stressed about what it looks like.

As long as I don’t end up looking like this dude, I’ll be happy:

Kamsahamnida. Annyeonghi kaseyo.

0 thoughts on “The Exception That Proves The Rule

  1. See, now I think Kim Jong-il is super sexy. Except for his propensity for irrational and manic world-domination. That is a major turn-off. But, if you do want to look super-sexy, that cut is the way to go. Only I would get a perm on the top, for extra height.

    Ah…you silly Canadians and your ill-timed Thanksgiving. We Americans forgive you for scheduling it improperly.

    Thanksgiving in October and judicious diplomacy. Those are some cofusing concepts for us!

  2. Happy get your hair cut day! I hear the zipper cut is coming back ;).

    By the way… I effing LOVE chocolate fudge pop tarts!

    Hehe… okay back to work!


  3. k-m: Oh, I’m all about world-domination. It’s one of my hobbies, really. Though I like your idea about the perm on top. I think that would add some zazz.

    Kelly: Thanks! It worked out well. I feel faster already. More aerodynamic. During my first year of university – just after World War II – I ate those pop tarts every single morning. Awesome.

  4. I cannot believe I am admitting this but I used to have such a huge crush on Uncle Jesse despite his mullet. No, not my Uncle Jesse. The other one. No, not the one off the Dukes of Hazzard. The other one…from Full House. It was his slightly dangerous quality. Becuase at any moment the insane amount of hairspray he used on his coif could spontaneously combust if he evntured near an open flame. Sigh. I miss those days of innocence.

  5. I too am in desperate need of a haircut and much seek one out soon. Whenever my hair starts to really grow out I’m reminded of the unfortunate fact that my hair grow differently on the separate halves of my head. It’s especially noticeable at the back where one end falls pretty straight down while the other curls.

    My sideburns do a good enough job of letting me know I have a follicular civil war going on opposite sides of my head. I really think my hair joining in is absolutely unnecessary.

  6. RAH! I just discovered you ARE blogging! I just get links to this page appearing on my “friends” page, so I assumed you weren’t posting. THIS MAKES ME VERY ANGRY IN AN AUSSIE-ITALIAN WAY! ;)

    Why can’t your rambling just appear on my “friends” page? Must I totter on over to this page everytime you post something?

    Disclaimer: I know the answer is a firm “yes” to my above outburst. I just wanted to let you know I’m annoyed! I think my work here is done … :D


  7. erika: Were you all upset when Uncle Jesse hooked up with Lori Loughlin?

    james: My sideburns are sneakypantses. Every time I shave they get a tiny bit longer. A few weeks after a haircut and I’m Luke Perry circa 1995.

    LG: Wondering makes me wonder.

    Dave: Ha! A friend of mine actually had one. In real life. Awesome.

    Brooke: You found me! I certainly hope that you do keep tottering over. And that you keep using words like “tottering!”

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