The ACN is a busy little chick

A little while ago my phone rang.

I answered and got a cute little “Hiiiii” from the ACN. Something which always makes my day.

Her mommy told me that ACN had just finished her supper – perogies and some yogurt for dessert – and was trying to tell Mommy something. Mommy asked if she wanted more food. Nope. Mommy asked if she was thirsty. Nope. Mommy said, “What do you want, sweetie?” And ACN very clearly said,


That’s me!

So, my sister asked if she wanted to call Unc and she gave her a little, “Yeah.”

ACN had been home for a couple of hours. Nipper met her at the bustop.

(Nipper has also been busy. She got fixed ten days ago and got her stitches out today. It turns out that she has grown in those ten days and the stitches were actually tighter. That is one fast-growing puppy.)

The ACN wanted to go for a drive in Mommy’s new car. So, the two of them went to Tim Hortons for a special cookie. It is chocolate chip, with frosting on it, and proceeds go to the local foodbank.

But, ACN told her mommy that she wasn’t hungry right then and wanted to go for a drive first. Of course, midway through the drive, ACN changed her mind and wanted her cookie right away. That’s how ACNs work. (That’s actually how Unc works too, but shhhh.)

When ACN called, she had all kinds of cool stuff to tell me.

She has a “reading buddy” at school now. A little girl in grade six comes in to read to her. How cute is that? I asked and ACN assured me that she was a nice little girl.

And ACN and her Daddy went to the library and ACN took out her first ever book. Exciting! It is a Hallowe’en book that her mommy is going to read to her before bed tonight.

ACN likes when I read to her before bed when she visits me. Of course, she usually starts by telling me that she wants me to read a book, then gets me to start and then she shakes her head “No” and starts giggling. So, I grab another book and we repeat the process. Eventually we do get to finish 3 or 4 before bed.

The mommy told me that ACN had chores to do after we got off the phone. ACN helps to fold clothes and dry dishes. And in the summer she likes to help water plants and feed the birdies. (We fill the feeder, but that happens too quickly, so we then make 8 or 9 little piles of food all around the lawn. Buffet style.) ACN likes doing chores, but now she gets an allowance for it. She collects her money and then takes her grandfather (on her Dad’s side) out for weekend breakfasts. I told her that she could saver her money to buy me presents. She shook her head “No” and laughed at me.

Then the Mommy asked ACN is she wanted her to tell me some very exciting news. ACN did. And the mommy told me that…

The ACN has her first loose tooth!

Holy poop.

This is a pic of her and her puppy. Hard to believe it was only this past spring. They are both getting so big. (ACN is watching Nipper closely, because she knows that toe nibblings are coming.)

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  1. OMG. I forgot about losing teeth! How traumatic.

    I think that dog is going to lose a tooth in someone’s sock one of these days.

    Too cute.

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