Ten things that I learned…

The ACN was visiting this weekend, but had to go home a day early because of a storm.


However, we did have lots of fun and lots of cuddles. And I learned some valuable lessons:

1) When Uncle Pete feeds you yogurt, it doesn’t taste as good as it does when others feed it to you.

2) It is fun to tell Uncle Pete that you definitely want the strawberry yogurt and to make him take it out of the fridge, before changing your mind. It is also lots of fun to do this with peach, vanilla and field berry.

3) Uncle Pete is too slow at changing The ACN’s clothes. (Especially when she giggles and kicks her feet.)

4) Uncle Pete is a giant goof.

5) 3 & 4 are related.

6) Anytime socks are put on or taken off of The ACN, a foot rub must occur. And The ACN decides when the foot rub is finished. (I already knew this, but I was reminded.)

7) The ACN think it’s very funny when you carry her over your shoulder and spank her butt while saying, “Bum drum! Bum drum!”

8) The ACN won’t let you read “MOLLY MOOSE: NEW FRiENDS, FULL BELLY” to her, but you can read “THERE’S A MONSTER AT THE END OF THIS BOOK” a half dozen times. (The Grover version!)

9) Of the thirty or so Webkinz that The ACN doesn’t have, there on only four that she doesn’t want. Three of which are frogs, for some reason.

10) Green sparkly toenail polish? CUTE.

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  1. you get to read monster at the end of this book so much because it never ceases to entertain. My 5 year old wants it read again and again and again… and I loved it when I was a kid.

  2. that book is always a hit. do you ever read any of the pidgeon books to her? “don’t let the pidgeon drive the bus” “don’t let the pidgeon eat the hotdog” similar idea. lots of audience participation. kids eat that stuff up. plus the author taught me how to draw the pidgeon at a conference. i’m pretty sure that gives me cool points.

  3. camikaos: It was actually my favourite book as a kid too. My sister claimed it was hers, but I know she was a Harold and the Purple Crayon girl. She’s not fooling me.

    b2g: She does. When The monkey was little, we could only find her the Elmo version of the book. That’s annoyed me ever since.

    sara: I’ve never heard of these pidgeon books of which you speak. They sound fun though.

    al&af: Oh man, I don't want to even plant that seed in her head.

    lspoon: Yeah, as soon as she arrives the silliness starts. I hadn’t seen her in three weeks, so we were already making up for lost time.

  4. Aww, pretty!

    Sounds like a great weekend!

    What is field berry yogurt? Or, more specifically, what is a field berry? Is that a particular type of berry, or just any berry grown in a field? I don’t think we have that flavor (you prefer flavour?) in California.

  5. mindy: I am sure she has her reasons. I’m afraid that I’d get in trouble if I asked.

    each of the two: Oh, I think you’ll find nothing incorrect with ANYTHING I write. EVER. And, yes, I am pretty dainty.

    jenbun: I think “field berry” is just a combo of four or five regular berries.

    hollywood sucker: ACN = my Adorably Cute Niece.

  6. There’s a Monster at the End of This Book was my faveeee book ever. Love Grover!! And didn’t even know there was an Elmo version.

    Glad you had a fabulous weekend with ACN, even if it was cut short!

  7. I just finished reading through your post about your ACN… that long post about 1.5 years ago. Yeah, I had to take a break. Seriously, I have a nephew who’s had to fight through a lot, but not nearly as much as your little darling did. I just wanted to say that she is absolutely precious and I can see partly why you find her such a joy. Anyway, I’m getting too emotional here, so I just wanted to say that I’m glad you got to see her and that I’m sorry she had to leave early.

    Pretty nail polish :)I hope you’re having a great day so far.


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