ten different meanings of “i love you”

1) “I love you.”

2) “Thank you for not making me do that thing that I’m not sure what it is really, but I suspect it involves Ryan Gosling baking cupcakes while he reads 50 Shades of Grey to a kitten.”

3) “You just undressed in front of me.”

4) “I would like to do things with you in the bedroom that make small animals whimper and house plants cover their eyes.”

5) “Aren’t anniversaries and birthdays just days on a calendar, dear one?”

6) “Finally. I found you.”

7) “The phrasing of that question ensures that you’ll be mad at me no matter how I answer it.”

8) “I accidentally mistook your sister’s butt for your butt in a photo and you’ve been glaring at me for 3/4 of an hour.”

9) “I thought Girls Gone Wild 24 on Pay Per View was an uplifting tale of a couple dozen female zoologists publishing papers and smashing glass ceilings.”

10) “I would like to put my head on your lap just until the world starts spinning a little slower.”

7 thoughts on “ten different meanings of “i love you”

  1. I laughed at number five because my husband and I just celebrated our second anniversary. And by celebrate I mean we both completly forgot it until I was looking at the calendar to see when the dog’s vet appointment was and noticed the date.

  2. I need to say I love you for #10 or, in my own wording, “I have vertigo which means when I drink a little, my ability to stand up is the first to go. It’s an ear thing… *blah blah blah*” I love you would be so much easier.

    And number 9 made me laugh out loud!

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