The ACN has a very loose top front tooth. The neighbour tooth already fell out last week. This one is not even in the right spot any more. The Mommy was jiggling it yesterday. The ACN told her Mommy to pull it out. The Mommy tried. It bled. The ACN cringed. The Mommy asked if she wanted her to stop. The ACN shook her head “No.” Finally The Mommy gave up.

“Did you want Mommy to take it out so that you’ll get another $10 from the tooth fairy?”


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  1. I think I got 50 cents per tooth.

    Also, I’m glad to see she’s learning early on that you should do anything for money. And I mean anything.

  2. TEN BUCKS?!? Geez, and I thought I was being quite generous when my daughter was getting a toonie for each of her teeth!

    Funny… you get money when teeth fall out, but when hair starts to fall out… nada. Too bad… I’d be independently wealthy (especially if The Mommy adopted me).

  3. I always wonder what people buy with their tooth fairy money. Also, do we ever remember what we bought? I remember the weird ways my teeth fell out rather than the “reward.”

  4. I am so glad my kid can’t read your blog! She’ll be losing teeth soon enough, and I am not paying her 10 bucks for each one!!!
    Oh who am I kidding. Damn. Thanks.

  5. the most any of my kindergarteners has gotten is five dollars. that’s just crazy. i used to get fifty cents or a dollar depending on the size of the tooth. i usually put it towards the purchase of a slurpee.

  6. $10????


    And the Canadian cash is worth more than American now isn’t it?

    wow. no. I’m with Sybil, my daughter is now banned from your blog… not that she should read it anyway. And not that she reads THAT well… but no.

    $10? wow. And I thought my plan for $5 per tooth was a bit much.

  7. oh my lord. i cannot believe that little girl is getting big girl teeth. I just barely got in on the Monkey teeth-losing action. time, stop flying.

  8. everyone: I should have mentioned a couple of things:

    1) The ACN will just want to spend her tooth fairy money on presents for other people.

    2) My sister probably (rightly) assumed that any lesser amount would have led to the crazy Uncle Pete saying things like, “You… cheap… BASTARDS!!!!!”

    Uncle Pete is out of his mind.

    hrc: You would not believe how big they’ve gotten since you’ve last seen them. The Monkey thinks she’s 30.

  9. $10 frigging bucks?

    The tooth fairy that lives around you need to be blacklisted. The TFU (tooth fairy union) disapproves of scabs working for above the market rate.

    Workplace agreements never covered this shit.

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