"take his medicine"

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  1. The Stormin Mormon says:


    Yeah, it’s not like at a high school party I was ever asking anyone’s age.

    I can’t believe this story, it’s just so damn ridiculous. An example of a bullshit law in the hands of an asshole prosecutor.

  2. Steph says:

    A few things. Firstly, if he wasn’t a “promising young athlete” would anyone give a shit?

    Secondly, the 15 year old clearly is a girl with issues. Big issues. I think he did the wrong thing by taking advantage of that. Even if she was more than willing, even begging for it, does he not have ANY morals or self control?

    I don’t think he should have been jailed for his actions, but he should accept some of the responsibility for doing the wrong thing.

    American laws baffle me. In Oz this kid would have recieved a good behaviour bond and maybe community service. No wonder your jails are overflowing.

  3. Peter says:

    stormin’: The quotes from the prosecutor blow my mind completely.

    steph: I’d be just as outraged if he was just a promising young student. But, would I ever have heard about it? Probably not.

    As for the other stuff, other than the sketchy motel group setting, fifteen year olds willing to perform oral on 17 year old jocks aren’t all that rare. Plus, I don’t think that 17 year old guys are that much more mature than 15 year old girls. If at all.

    To me it sounds like he takes responsbility for his entire lifestyle at the time.

  4. Travelling Tippler says:

    The whole thing is absurd and awful. But it is a mistake to think “what was I doing at 17?” unless you were doing it in a group setting with a video camera. Sorry for my conservatism, but that sort of debauchery is a bit much. Still, there is obviously a problem with the system as well…

  5. Anonymous says:

    Boy, this is complicated. I think the position of outright outrage is hard to support. It’s a tragedy for all concerned, however,
    The group came prepared with video camera..clear premeditation. The kid from jail, while not admitting to having done anything wrong, says that he’s ashamed of his behavior not because it was inherently wrong or out of empathy for the victim but because he can’t believe “I looked like that”. He admits he was somewhat probe to bigshotism because of his status as an athlete.
    They apparently took some part in getting the girl drunk and took turns having their way. She wakes up the next day and can’t remember what happened. It’s hard for me to believe, given the circumstances, that more liberties than she can remember were taken. I believe that every one of them took their turn. They didn’t even have the decency to help clothe her the next day…she was a total object. It’s natural for her to not want to get anyone in trouble because she feels ashamed of her own behavior. And that’s why the law is there to protect kids from the power of peer pressure and all the other dynamics that compel a 15 y.o. to act that way…the hip/hop/gangster culture so glorified everywhere. So the law has to set a precedent otherwise what signal does it send to all the gangbangers out there who are doing this indiscriminately every day anyway. This girl will feel like trash/used condom for the rest of her life and her identity will develop around the trauma. She’ll be labeled a whore made to feel responsible for what happened largely because of the denial of the perpetrators who won’t admit…therefore cannot apologize to her. I think he’s lucky he didn’t get hit with rape. Don’t know all the circumstances but if she was provided alcohol and drugs, under the stress of older peer pressure…doesn’t sound like consent to me. Sounds like someone being taken advantage of in a blackout. Not once in the article is mention given to what effect this had on the girl or how she’s doing. Why the kid didn’t get a break after they changed the law is where I would focus…that’s hard to accept. The law should be fair and enforced the same way as a deterrent to this sort of Gangster/rapper behavior…Only the kid’s denial prevented him from being out…total lack of empathy for the victim.
    Art Shepherd

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