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  1. Make it 100 says:

    I have no loyalty to any football team whatsoever. I just don’t. All I know is, I enjoy rooting against the Patriots. Pats fans are usually also Red Sox fans and Sox fans f–king hate me. As funny as Peyton Manning’s frustration face is, I don’t want to see it today.

  2. The Stormin Mormon says:



  3. sara says:

    I don’t like football. However, with the Bears in the playoffs and living in Chicago, I have to at least act like I care or I get looked at like I have three heads. I usually watch the Superbowl though. For the commercials of course.

    I can’t wait til baseball season is back…

  4. Michelle says:

    Please do not talk about my boyfriend Tom Brady like that. Thank you.

  5. Eve says:

    Go bears!

  6. Peter says:

    brian: You know, I hate the Red Sox too. We got to see the “Bill Belichick face” last night. Up yours, Bill Simmons!

    stormin’: Whooooooooooo! That game took it out of me, man. I am still tired today.

    sara: How can you live in a city where Walter Payton played and not follow football?

    michelle: Your boyfriend has lots of time for you now! You are welcome!

    eve: I kind of liked the Bears… until the Colts game ended last night. Now they are my enemies. You and I are still cool though.

    For now.

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