Sunday tidbits

I vowed that I wouldn’t watch it this season, yet…

I’ve watched the first two episodes of American Idol. I know, I know. Whatever, dudes. What’s done is done.

So, they are two cities into the audition process and I’ve already picked a favourite to be one of the last contestants standing. It is 19 year old college student — and “junior Pete chick” — Sarah Krueger.

I made the same prediction while watching Katharine McPhee audition last season. Rueben too, back in the day.

(We’ll ignore the fact that I thought LaToya would kick Fantasia’s ass a few years back, cool?)


There is a BIG football game tonight.

My beloved Colts vs the evil, evil New England Patriots.

I’m nervous.

I’m excited.

I am brewing up a good hate for Tom Brady and Bill Belichick. (It didn’t take much bewing.)

I’ve warned HRC not to say something like “He’s going to miss” while the Colts kicker is attempting field goals tonight. (She actually did that to me once!!!!)

I am ready for the game.

I can already feel it giving me an ulcer.

Winner goes to the Superbowl.

Peyton Manning needs to find himself.

If I was calling the first offensive play for the Colts, I’d run the play-action. Fake the hand-off to Joseph Addai, look at the double-teamed Marvin Harrison, and then hit a streaking Reggie Wayne streaking down the left sideline for a touchdown. It’ll make Peyton feel like Peyton. The RCA dome will become impossibly loud.

Sadly, the Colts rarely ever call me for advice on what plays to run.

I am taking this game so seriously that I didn’t talk to my cousin from Boston – a big Patriots fan – all week. And she’s one of my favourite people ever. We even skipped our usual next-day recap of episodes of “24.”

She did e-mail me yesterday with a brief note. I replied with much the same. We can’t even bring ourselves to wish each other luck.

Damn, I love sports!


And in my favourite news of the week…

My little ACN got a special toilet seat for school. She gets strapped in and can use the washroom by herself.


Of course, if I had one of those here, we’d spend the entire day with me strapping her in, her giggling and saying she didn’t need to use the washroom, me unstrapping her, and then her waiting two minutes and telling me (with more giggles) that she had to use the washroom again.

5 more sleeps until the next visit.

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  1. I have no loyalty to any football team whatsoever. I just don’t. All I know is, I enjoy rooting against the Patriots. Pats fans are usually also Red Sox fans and Sox fans f–king hate me. As funny as Peyton Manning’s frustration face is, I don’t want to see it today.



  3. I don’t like football. However, with the Bears in the playoffs and living in Chicago, I have to at least act like I care or I get looked at like I have three heads. I usually watch the Superbowl though. For the commercials of course.

    I can’t wait til baseball season is back…

  4. brian: You know, I hate the Red Sox too. We got to see the “Bill Belichick face” last night. Up yours, Bill Simmons!

    stormin’: Whooooooooooo! That game took it out of me, man. I am still tired today.

    sara: How can you live in a city where Walter Payton played and not follow football?

    michelle: Your boyfriend has lots of time for you now! You are welcome!

    eve: I kind of liked the Bears… until the Colts game ended last night. Now they are my enemies. You and I are still cool though.

    For now.

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