i had a dream last night
it was about a girl
i don’t know
but i liked her
(and you can’t spell
without REM)
she had many of
the characteristics
of someone i adore
and not
enjoyably aggravating
and then some
but it wasn’t
for the record
it wasn’t one of THOSE dreams
it was a little
but not really
but a little
dreams and love
are the only times
i think
i want to meet
this girl
i think she’d like me
of course
i think that
about everyone

0 thoughts on “sueño

  1. And not enjoyably aggravating? Didn’t even know it was possible for someone to possess qualities that are NOT enjoyably aggravating. Or am I reading this incorrectly? Now that IS entirely possible.
    Sitting in my office thinking that the comments from your female readership is going to be entertaining.
    Also if you’ve already spoken to the fair maiden I’m pretty sure she already likes you …

  2. “you can’t spell chemistry without REM” – nice

    of course she’ll like you. you’re clever AND witty. and perhaps a bit “enjoyably aggravating” yourself. maybe it was a dream about you.

  3. “it wasn’t one of THOSE dreams
    it was a little
    but not really
    but a little”

    LOVE it.

    I had one of THOSE dreams about Jason Bateman the other night.

    I should probably keep that to myself.

  4. “tangible / and not” – I get it.

    What do you mean by “one of THOSE dreams?” (Haha, oooh, look at me – so innocent!) (And not.)

  5. “Enjoyably aggravating”–nice description! I always joke that part of what I love about my man is that he annoys the hell out of me. I like to be annoyed, just enough.

  6. Obviously, West Wing is the best show ever. Not that I own every season and watch it constantly or anything…

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