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My Fellow PeterDeWolfdotcomicans,

Since I don’t have an idea for a new post today, I figured that I’d just give you a little catch-up entry. It was either that or run a “classic” post. And, by this point, you should have poured over every single entry in my archives anyway.

1) Annie Sertich asked in a recent post:

When did you figure out that people from your past were reading your blog? People that you aren’t friends with anymore. Not family or people that you want to reconnect with. But others. Like reading it, and not telling you they were reading it. Not commenting. But kinda spying on you. Cuz when you cross paths with them, they know. And you know. And you can see it in their eyes they are secretly judging?

I guess that’s the risk you take, right?

But what did you do?

Did you pull the plug on your blog? Did you stop being honest? Did you just say fuck it?

That’s a good question. (Or bunch of questions. Details…) It’s not that much of an issue for me, because A) I’m a glory whore. And 2) I get more visitors from foreign countries than I do from my home town.

But, I’d tell whoever it was to keep reading. And to get their friends to read. Because we all know that website traffic, like sexual conquests, is all about quantity over quality.

In the comments to her post, Shane Nickerson linked to a post in which he addressed much the same issue. *cough* *cough* Lazy bastard. *cough* And, as usual, Nickerson wrote something that I really liked:

To answer the standard newbie question (and all of its variants), here are the answers to the commonly asked, “Why are you blogging?”

– Because it keeps me writing.
– Because I get instant feedback on that writing.
– Because it feels good to verbalize my thoughts, actions, and experiences.
– Because it’s part of a dynamic global community, and therefore, I am also part of that community.
– Because it gives me a voice.
– Because I have complete control of my content.
– Because I love the internet.
– Because it reaches people; sometimes more than was ever intended or imagined.
– Because I like it. It satisfies something in me. It continues to drive me to write, explore, and learn.
– Because you can only leave comments so many times before you decide it’s time to have your own forum.
– Because in the end, I’m just a nerd.

I think that really does a good job of summing up what I dig about blogging as well. You know, except for the nerd thing.

I am usually amazed by how Nickerson makes creating great posts look effortless. Of course, in this medium it is impossible to tell how much work went into them. He may smear Nutella on his nipples and swaddle himself in cling-wrap for three days just to come up with the ideas.

Try to get rid of that visual now.

You are probably wondering, “Man, can this goof possibly drop the names of any more bloggers?” Well, the answer is YES! I totally can. Mostly because I am listening to a The Replacements greatest hits compilation streaming link, that was provided by Tony Pierce. I had no idea how many of their songs were awesome. And how many I had known, but didn’t know who sang them. (“Unsatisfied” kicks 2.37 metric tonnes of ass.)

I’ve never claimed to be a music expert. I’m the same dude that wore out his Bruce Willis “Return of Bruno” cassette in his youth. It’s true.

2) Since you are currently visiting this site, you know that it looks like poop. I was telling people that, “The lack of a look IS my look. And I just want people to focus on the writing.” Which, if you consult your handy Peter to English dictionary, means “I have no eye for design, and PhotoShop makes me want to cry in the corner and wet myself a little bit.”

So, I’m admitting that there is a problem. That is step one. And I really want to have a prettier site. But, you couldn’t convince me to sit down to try to do it on my own even if you offered me a free pizza-making hooker wearing a chocolate Pop Tart bikini.

But, if you are a genius graphic artist, that doesn’t like making money and just adores working with people who really can’t explain what they want and expect you to read their mind, then you should, like, totally e-mail me at

3) I am going to do my first ever vlog one of these days. Next I’ll probably do an ascii text Tweety Bird. Or I’ll insert a pic of that dancing baby.

But, it’s better late than never, right?

It won’t be today though. I’m just not feeling pretty.

Don’t look at me.

I don’t want to oversell this future vlog, but suffice it to say that it’ll be the single greatest thing that you’ve ever watched in the history of eyes. (Except for maybe this.) It will cure impotency and regrow hair. The sheer brilliance of it will create peace in the middle east and end Jennifer Lopez’ career.

But, I don’t want to build up expecations.

4) I am also planning a photo cartoon (photo comic?) starring the diaper-wearing stuffed ET. It will star some of his stuffed friends and possibly Michael Rappaport. And here is a pic of ET with ACN.

ACN looks all suspiciouspants, like ET is up to no good again.

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