Stars Are Blazing Like Rebel Diamonds

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  1. Eve says:

    It commodifies sex.

    Many prostitutes are doing it as a last resort.

    Exploitation. (See American Pimp.

    Hookers get treated like shit, and are a marginal population. Like one who gets raped and is told “she deserves it.” (See comments on the possibly true blog True or not, it brings up people’s thoughts on the subject.)


  2. Peter says:

    Eve: You do realize that I wasn’t actually serious, right?

    (Except for the ping pong balls and tabasco sauce bit.)

  3. Eve says:

    Oh, heh heh.

    And another thing: Pretty Woman was fiction. Nice try, Peter.

  4. James Cooper says:

    Ever see the movie Rat Race? I liked the proposition Dave Thomas’ character made to the prostitute. Something involving a tub full of Pepto Bismol, back shaving, and toenail clipping. (shudder)

  5. themikestand says:

    No, Maggie, no!

    Say it isn’t so.

    (And seriously? Pretty woman was fiction? Can we hope that it was at least “inspired by a true story”?)

  6. Erika says:

    #1. Does this mean you don’t understand the culture phenom which is LaSenza?

    #2. On behalf of redheads everywhere, I take offense that the questionable redhead in, er… question was a redhead.

    #3. I find it hard to believe that Margaret Thatcher wouldn’t be opposed to pin pong balls, she already has a pair of balls.

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