Soooo, you wanna win an iPod?

I woke up this morning with no blog topic ideas.

I went through my morning routine and still none came to mind.

I just sat down here at the keyboard and…

Yeah, still nada.

Squat, Jack.

Oh well.


Well, DO you want to win an iPod?

The delightful Kelly is giving one away.

Go. Leave a comment and get an entry. Mention that I sent you and I get another entry.

(Try not to think too hard about the fact that by giving me another entry, it lessens your chances of winning. Shhhh. Don’t worry about the details.


I’ve noticed that I get a lot of traffic from places (countries, continents) where I don’t know anyone. I think that’s awesome. I am also cool with people popping in and not leaving comments. I read many more sites than I leave comments on.

But, I am curious how people get here. And why they keep coming back.

So, I’ve decided to do a little survey. (For non-commenting readers, first-time visitors and regulars alike.)

I’d love for you all to e-mail me at

Tell me…

How you first got here. What you like. What you hate. What you want to see more of. Ideas for new stuff. Secrets. Whatever.

I won’t sell your e-mail to spammers. I probably won’t even use it to shamelessly promote my own stuff. Though I’ll reply to your e-mail. I’m polite like that.

Don’t be shy.


I own a duvet.

I was lying when I called it a “quilt” and a “comforter.”

It’s a DUVET.

There, I said it.

3 thoughts on “Soooo, you wanna win an iPod?

  1. I need to give away some cool prizes to get people to read my blog. I just need cool stuff to give away. Stuff that’s cool but doesn’t cost me money. Stuff that’s cool but I don’t want to keep for myself. Stuff that doesn’t cost me too much to ship either.

    Ah screw it.

  2. k-m: Before I got one, I thought a “duvet” was some kind of french undergarment for women.

    james: It’s a tough one, eh? I am thinking about getting cute female spokesmodels. ;)

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